Saturday, March 12, 2011


What a difference the weather makes...
5 days of sunshine in Nottingham, with just a bit of a chilly breeze (and a couple of showers on Wednesday), it just makes me feel that bit happier!

The birthday party was everything I was expecting it to be; we had a great evening reliving our childhood memories!

Labs were done and dusted early on in the session on Thursday. My phase diagram looked remarkably close to the "official" one, and was particularly happy that my 2 melting points predicted by my lines were within 1 degree of the true value! Moving on to electrochemistry next week!

Yesterday was interesting, I was debating what to do with my gap between exams and the real start of summer (decided on applying for some voluntary lab work within the university), but whilst trying to decide my friend said I should flip a coin. Me being me then decided to flip the coin lots of times, just to see if probability is accurate, or if there is a deeper randomness associated with it - 50 flips and I had exactly 25 heads, and 25 tails. This surprised me, because although probability predicts it, I was expecting it to be 23 or 24 of one and then26 or 27 of the other. I then extended my experiments to more variables - 6, 8 and 10 sided dice. I rolled them 25 times for each variable (e.g 250 times for the 10 sided die), and the values varied much further from the 25 of each which should have occurred. Perhaps had I continued, they would have eventually converged. But, what I have proved (to myself at least) is that randomness is well, random!

Last night was also concert night, we went to see the Lighthouse Family, who I thought were awesome (even if Tucker was a bit odd...), they were supported by Ben Montague - I hadn't heard of him before but I really liked his music - bought the album (which is to be officially released in a couple of months...) and then plucked up the courage to get it signed! He's one to keep an eye out for I think!

I can't write a blog at this time without mentioning Japan. The events that have unfolded there are horrendous, and my thoughts are with the people of Japan, and anyone that has friends or family out there. But what I can say, is that it could have been a hell of a lot worse had they not been prepared for such an catastrophic event, due to the general earthquake risk they have drills for this kind of thing so people knew what to do to try and stay safe, they've also evacuated the area around the power plant, probably unnecessary to remove so many people, but better to be safe than sorry. So well done to Government. I, as will many others, will be keeping an eye on the situation there.

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