Friday, August 31, 2012


26 days to go! (Sorry, I've started counted down and now I can't stop!)

So, London!!

My experimenting with £15 screw-on wide angle lens thing didn't go all that well really, but you get what you pay for!  Had a really lovely day though, I'm slightly less scared of London than I was before  (very useful seen as one of my uni choices for medicine is in London!) and am glad I've finally seen some of the big sights!

Here's a few of the pictures though:

The London Eye was really good, even if getting on and off it proved to be rather challenging, a nice and clear day meant we could see a long way, although there were a few arguments about which building was which!  Our "cruise" along the Thames was also really good, even if we had to sit on the inside bit because the top was full.  I actually really enjoyed the educational commentary!

There were lots of little things which made it good too - crazy juggling man, wobbly mum on the pontoon (?), changing of the guard (and being very glad I wasn't the poor woman in the way - very close to the big horses, very pointy looking swords and a shouty man!), looking for Boris on one of his bikes, the list goes on!

A few unwanted wandering brain thoughts in the car journey on the way down, but reverted to much more pleasant day-dreaming on the way home! Seemed to alternate between bikes and medicine which I can't complain about, and definitely passed the time nicely. :-)

Really quite tired now, and I have a book to start so I shan't waffle on any more, particularly after the almost epicness of yesterday's post!

Glad to be ending the week on a positive note, I say ending the week as I'm working all weekend (at least I think I am...) so this is it for me!

What's that?  I've reached the end of a post with minimal complaining and grumbling?  About time!    And I wasn't even wearing new socks today.

Don't suppose it will last mind! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


27 days to go and counting!

Got the new regime of to a reasonable start.  Today I have:
a) Finished a book
b) Been to Pizza Hut with old friends
c) Had (not very much) Chinese food with grandparents
d) Had a revelation about some potential interview answers

Looking good as I'm off to London tomorrow!

I have also considered some other stuff today mind, chief of which is apparently what on earth I'm going to do to occupy myself while the surgeon works his magic in a few weeks time (sorry, I can't really stop thinking about it!).  While I'm glad that (barring any complications) I am, on request, avoiding a general anaesthetic, but that means being awake throughout.  I know I won't see anything, or really be able to feel anything, so I just have to lie there and keep very still for the duration.

So, erm, any suggestions for keeping my brain occupied?

This has inevitably led to other related ponderances, like what happens if the anaesthetist who I don't meet until the day doesn't get the message and plans a GA?  I didn't particularly worry about it the last 2 times I've been under, but I seem to have developed a bit of a fear since then (or possibly a phobia since I know it's all a bit irrational).  Also, what happens if things start to unfold and the situation becomes "sub-optimal"?  The questions go on...mainly along a "what if...?" line.  Suspect I'll be close to the line between normality and a gibbering wreck again a few more times over the next few weeks.

Sorry.  This has all gone a bit negative now hasn't it?  I didn't mean it to be such.  Can't help it.  Darn wandering mind.

Still - London tomorrow! (did I mention that?!) And I have a new wide angle lens to play with on my camera.  Well not a real one, it's a cheap screw on thing.  But hopefully it'll do the job!

Just for the end,  owwwwwwww. (In case I hadn't whinged enough!)

Here's a picture of good ol' "tripod" to end on a good note!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm not entirely sure where this post is going yet, so you may have to bear with me a little bit.

Having started the day on a very negative note I have to say I think the socks did as good a job as could be expected of them!  The things that may have been awkward at work after the events of yesterday weren't quite as bad as expected, although I'm not going to go as far as to say that all was well.  Thankfully the gift of a sherbet lemon at the crucial time kept me going (thanks!).

I have done entirely too much thinking today, but have come to the conclusion that I feel a bit like I'm "in limbo".  There's a couple of big things pending, both of which have a number of different outcomes, and until these are resolved I'm stuck doing little but waiting.  Whilst waiting for these things to conclude I'm stuck.  Unable to move forward, so just plodding through the days (apparently with too much time to think and get myself in a "tizz" about things...).

The start of one of the resolutions will be underway 4 weeks today.  That's good.  Although at the same time I'm nervous (far too worried about it with this much time to go!).  The other is a bit further away, but there will be things that need to be done along the way so that one shouldn't be so bad (especially as I have the first thing to focus on!).  This means I have 28 days to get through, not that I'm counting.

My vague plan is to just keep counting.  And to try and do things each day (well, on the days that I'm not at work) which will keep things interesting.  Everything has got a bit samey at the moment and I think that's been contributing to my general grumpy state! Some of these things might be big, like the fact I have 2 trips to London planned in the next 7 days, and others small, like working my way through my pile of books.  I need to learn too, I'm not used to this being out of education malarky, I've got a couple of medical textbook type things so I hope to be able to read through bits of those too and keep my brain in gear!

I'm hoping that by doing that I won't have time to think about the rubbish things which my brain always tends to meander to by default.  

The alternative is that it all goes horribly wrong, and all I end up doing is tiring myself out even more and ending up as some kind of gibbering wreck in a few weeks time (and I'm sure I've been getting close to that!).

I think I've got a book to go and lose myself in now then, at least if I can manage to hold it up.  Feeling rather broken after yesterday, and then work.  Although it's almost a pleasant change to have things other than my arm hurting!


I waited until the morning after to post this for 2 reasons:
a) By the time I was home and showered last night it was quite late so didn't really have time
b) Was hoping everything would look better in the morning! 

So, erm yeah...I was really looking forward to going to Wales for the day (even if it is a little bit crazy to go just for the day), it had the potential to be really enjoyable but *somebody* (not me), seemed to forget that I'm a bit broken when route planning so it was more of a climb and scramble than a walk.  It was difficult.  And hurt!

Yup, that's me!

Going down wasn't much better either, because there was an almost good path to follow, but, bah!  We're too good for that!

By the time we were back at the car I was feeling pretty dead, and pretty grumpy but then had to sit in the car for many hours.  I'm not going to go into the details of the journey but suffice to say some of the topics of conversation were...sub-optimal.  Felt so good to get back home!

I have to go to work today.  Not great given the hurting this morning, even less great given who else is also working today. *sigh*

Didn't quite go to plan then.  Still, that's one of the bigger UK mountains ticked off, it's about time I made some progress there! 

Here's Seb the Sock monkey, 'cos he came too!

The post for the 29th (today) will be coming this evening, hopefully it will be a bit more positive! 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Nothing much to report really.  Was at work again, thankfully most of the customers were nice today so I was happy enough.  

Still glad to have a day off tomorrow.  Off to Wales for the day.  Yay!  Hopefully it will be good.  I reckon a day in the hills is what I need to get my head slightly more sorted, it has certainly done the trick in the past (ramsoc always came to my rescue!).  Don't think I could deal with another 30 days of panicking so it had better do the trick!

In absence of anything exciting, here's my socks again.  I'm sure the new socks are still helping, even if they can't quite combat my craziness!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I suspect writing an actual post today would be dangerous.  Here's my socks though.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I dread to think what today would have been like if it had been another "old sock day"!  Actually, it's not been that bad on the whole really.

I'm just doing premature panicking.  Dread to think what I'll be like in a month's time (yes I've decided that needs an apostrophe but I'm not really sure!).  I really need to get over it, or at least stop thinking about it.  It's already making me grumpy and is contributing to my non-sleeping so I'd describe the current situation as sub-optimal.  And now I've got "the letter" so it really is actually happening.

(also note the "we hope your stay is pleasant one", not sure anyone having surgery is going to have a pleasant time....!)

I thought focussing on the end-point might help, but then I don't want to get my hopes up too much so that's probably not a good idea either.

See.  Told you I'm going crazy!  Or stark raving mad,  I haven't decided yet.

Perhaps I'd better stop writing now!  Time to read for a bit me thinks! Bizarrely the heavy rain and loud thunder is kind of calming too...

Friday, August 24, 2012


Today has been an old sock day.  It actually started off reasonably well, but as the theory dictates I've ended up in a sub-optimal mood.

Even despite the efforts of my new "friend".

I...erm...found him in my sock drawer this morning.  Definitely didn't spend many hours stitching him together.  Although I have discovered my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired.

I'm going to stop now, before I even start with the crazy person complaining.  I know I'm over thinking and panicking about things that I don't need to, but I can't help it.  Still, at least it gives me something to think about whilst I lie awake at night... (and people wonder why I look tired....)

Sorry.  Said I'd stop.  I really will now.


Thursday, August 23, 2012


I can now declare that "sock theory" must apply to other footwear too!

I bought a new pair of shoes this morning, as my old ones have just about given up.  If you're interested my new ones are identical, just a different colour!  Not only did I have a lovely morning: time to read my book and go to the post office, I took my brother to pick up his (very excellent) GCSE results and then went to town for lunch with grandparents.

The big important and exciting news is that not long after returning home I got a phone call from the hospital and I now have a date for surgery. Woooo!  It's still past their 18 week target but it is at least in September (only just!).  I had to send an e-mail asking my consultant to disregard the letter I posted this morning saying I wasn't happy that I still didn't have date, but I can live with that!

Think I'm a little bit too excited about the whole thing, but I suspect over the next 34 days (yes I'm counting) the excitement will disappear and the nerves will take hold and given the crazy dreams that I've already been having related to it I suspect the panic may come sooner than later.  I know I need to try and not get my hopes up too much, not only is there the risk of cancellation, I know there is a very good chance I'm going to go through all of this and not come out of it any better than I am now, but I have faith.

In order to burn of some of my excited energy, and to justify the pancakes I'm going to eat in a minute I thought I better get out on my bike.  I did what has become my usual 17 mile look, it was actually a whisker slower than last time, which at least shows I'm trying my hardest because that felt fast, and I know that I didn't have much left in me today!  Really not bad considering the farmers were out in force harvesting stuff which was making my nose run at quite some speed! 

That brings me to my best cycling month of the year so far and a grand total of... 194.85 miles in 2012. If the weather's OK I'll have to ride to work over the weekend so I can break the 200 mark!

I shan't show off the new shoes yet, but here's some more of my new socks.  Not sure I've really earned these ones mind!

Running out of new socks now as well...really quite tempted to buy some more after the success of my "preliminary studies" but alas, these socks are over £3 a pair and I can't really afford to get any more!  If anyone wants to make a donation for the good of science it would be gratefully accepted...

That'll do from me today.  Recovery milkshake to drink and pancakes to make.

Tomorrow - to the cinema! Huzzah! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Been a bit of a mixed day but I declare the socks to be a success.  Sock Theory "proven".  Maybe I should continue it further and write some sort of thesis...

Very productive in my few hours off this morning, lots ticked off my to-do list, although didn't receive the best news when I spoke to the hospital about my lack of surgery date.  But I shall fight! Not that it looks like a very fair fight so far...

I now have 2 days off work.  Tomorrow is results day for my brother and potentially a celebratory lunch out with the grandfolks afterwards (I say celebratory, lunch with grandparents is becoming a weekly tradition!), and Friday has plans too - cinema time!

I'm still a bit grumbly, but less so.  And mainly because I'm tired I suppose.  Fingers crossed I remain minimally grumbly! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sock theory is gaining momentum.  Another day of old socks that has not gone well.  I think tomorrow will come close to conclusive proof 'cos I've got lots to do after 5 already full days, so I'm going to wear new socks!

As work today was "interesting" and mainly for the wrong reasons, although I was busy I didn't get the stuff done that I was there for so going in again tomorrow to get that done.  As I've done 5 days already, and have been told I look tired (almost launched into "well you'd be tired if...." at that point, but figured it wasn't really appropriate and nor could I spare the energy!) I don't have to go in at opening time.  *sigh of relief*

But that doesn't mean I get a lie in.  Not that I really do lie ins (although I definitely have some sleep to catch up on!).  Lots to do.  Prescription to pick up, brother to ferry about, mother to take shopping, hospital to ring, cheque to pay in; and all before I turn up to do a few hours work.  And them I'm busy Thursday.  And Friday.  And then back at work on Saturday. Woo!

Hopefully I will get a decent nights sleep before then.  Otherwise I'm sure I'll become insufferable (if I'm not there already!).  Is it too much to ask for a night with no nightmarey things (crazy or not) and not too much pain, really?

Sorry, I'll stop grumbling now. I've had to be polite to lots of people today so it's been building up!

Here's a picture of a toad.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Today has served to back up the sock theory.  Opted to not wear new socks and suddenly things start to go wrong.  Or at least be less good.

Not that things have gone as bad as they have gone for some other people today, but I'm not really at liberty to talk about that!  Rest assured it's not good for anyone involved though. 

Nonetheless I was already tired after not sleeping well (again!) and yesterday's bike carrying combined with lots of computering today means I'm getting close to making whimpering noises! How I wish I could take more painkillers...

My day was brightened by certain events though, a certain line which has previously been crossed is being toed at the moment, but, it's still on the right side and it has made me a bit more smiley, even if it was just temporary!  Also on the "plus" side, grumbly arm has distracted me a bit from panicking (and other general "brain-brokenness"), although not sure how long that one will last!

I drove to work today as I'm due a run, but couldn't face it tonight.  Will have to catch up with it soon!

Here's the "cursed" socks!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


After yesterday's epic post I'll try and keep it a bit shorter today.  Not much has changed anyway, and been at work all day so nothing particularly exciting to report.  At least it's been keeping my mind occupied! Just the nights left to battle through...

Apart from the fact I'm now working 2 more days than I expected (more money is good, but 5 days at the shop tends to tire me out somewhat!), work was good today.  Had some really nice customers, and was wearing more new socks!  Got to find BBQ food almost cooked, complete with corn-on-the-cob, something I really like but we rarely eat.

To top things off my mum had bought me a giant bubble wand (half price apparently!), I reverted to the mindset of a small child at this point and went a bit mad in the garden (I'm going to play again in a minute!)


Today's "commute" was a lot slower than yesterday's.  Didn't want to kill myself on the way in (it was already too warm before 9!), and I was a bit dead on the way home - it really was too hot, and I was broken from carrying a 2 tonne bike from somebody's car, which was of course in the furthest away point in the car park, up to the shop.  Miles is miles though.

2012 cycling: 177.56 miles

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I'll start with a quick bit about bikes and then move on to the "proper" content.

Rode to work and back this morning, had intended to go slowly but got a bit carried away on the Strava sprint section on the way in (again!), it killed me but it was almost worth it!  I have cemented my QOM (fastest girl by 18 seconds, not bad when it only took me 24!), and am now 7th out of 77 overall.  Not bad seen as I'm still a bit broken and haven't "trained" in over a year!

2012 cycling: 174.33 miles

Right.  The real post now.  

I've said I've not been very happy for the last few days and I've worked out why now.  Most of my reasoning is irrational (i.e. certain hospital worries), some of it is a bit more reasonable (i.e. arm hurting more, worrying about getting into uni again); but all of it would appear to be out of my control.

The level of the irrational stuff was helped by giving myself a "talking too" because I know that, on the whole,  I don't have anything to worry about.  'Cept I'm still worrying.  Memories of things that happened last time, most of which I seem to recall just dealing with as they happened at the time, are now coming back to haunt me and I don't like it!  The more I think about the worse the memory of waking up unable to move or feel from the elbow down is! 

So what to do about it?

Simply forgetting about it didn't go well, and nor has trying to rationalise it so I have decided that the solution must therefore also be irrational.

Pancakes helped for a little while, but unfortunately eating pancakes all the time isn't very practical and I think I'd get rather overweight too.  Being much busier at work today helped a bit, although made me more sore which definitely didn't.  However I have been feeling a bit better today and I put it down to the most irrational thing ever.  

New socks.  

I ordered several pairs of cycling socks 'cos they look cool and they were on sale.  Disappointingly no one gets to see them while I'm wearing them because I'm a girl so if I wear shorts/ three quarter lengths I have to wear short socks otherwise I'd look silly.  But I knew I was wearing them (not the coolest looking ones 'cos I'm saving them for something special!).  There's something about wearing very comfy new socks (really comfy 'cos they're cycling ones) that makes me feel a little bit happier inside. I think I might wear another new pair tomorrow.  If only I could afford to do that *every* day.  Actually, if I could afford that I don't think I'd have most of my problems any more! (*fingers crossed for a lottery win*)

If anyone has any suggestions (sensible or otherwise!) as how to solve the rest of my problems I'm all ears (well not literally, but you know what I mean...), otherwise I'll get fed up of feeling fed up!  Yes really, I am asking for guidance from "the people of the internet"!

Oh yes.  Here's a picture of the socks!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Today has been a nothing of note day.

I'm still grumbling though.

Special measures* were required to get me through the afternoon at work.  Doesn't bode well for the next 2 days:

*I in no way support these brands over their competitors.  Well maybe I do with Smarties!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Raining again.

Sorry, my "bad mood" hasn't really improved since yesterday.  I think I got to the root of at least some of the grumpiness, but alas, I don't see that particular issue improving any time soon.

In absence of a solution to the problem I shall have to do the equivalent of "MTFU"ing and get over it! 

In other news, I have new socks.  Many of them.  If I win the lottery, I'll buy some more 'cos they're awesome!

So, pass the ice cream? (Wish I hadn't turned some down earlier!)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today has been a bit non-distinct.  I have mainly been reading today (I'm allowed a day to do nothing once in a while, right?).  Got to the end of the book I started yesterday which is always good.  Apart from the ending thing, I like being immersed in the story so don't like it when they finish! Probably why I look it when there's lots of books about the same characters...

It's also been wet, I've mainly been inside.  But it rained.  A lot.

Although the sun came out in time for dog walking, as we were passing we took Dobby to somewhere I used to enjoy riding...

*looks longingly at the sunny singletrack* 

Sorry, I'm a little bit grumpy tonight.  My arm hurts and I've spent too long with only the inside of my brain for company so feeling a bit hopeless.  Sure I'll be alright after a cuppa and a sleep though!  And Family Guy, got back into that recently too.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Had real good fun riding today, it was a tad too warm, I barely beat my time and I thought my legs my drop off at one point but boy did it feel good!

I said I enjoyed the feel of the mountain bike the other day, and I did, and I really do miss mountain biking, but with the tri bars on the road bike I can really get some speed going and sustain it for a decent amount of time - putting the limits of my endurance and speed back on my legs and lungs rather than my arm.

I've still had to come home and ice the elbow, and I know I wouldn't want to go much further due to discomfort and pain but it's nice to feel a bit more free again.  Whether it's 30+mph down a hill or15-20 on the flat (less so the dying on the way up), it's just nice.  Better than nice but I can't think of an appropriate word.

Much of the 1 hour and 1 minute I was riding for was spent thinking about nothing but breathing and moving my legs as fast as I could (it's during this time that I pull my "Bradley Wiggins TT face") but there are of course times when the mind wanders too, it always seems to go to the same place, thankfully I always seem to come to the same conclusion which is good, because it's not too late to change my mind but if I can always convince myself I'm doing the right thing, then I must be, right?

Aside from riding I've had a bit of a chance to rest today, an extra half an hour in bed meant I was much more alert for a trip out, and then when I came back I could sit in the garden and read for a while.  My pile of things to read is growing faster than I'm reading at the moment so I really ought to get a move on!  Every time I sit down with a book I always wonder why I don't do it more often, I really do love throwing myself into an imagined world!

Pile of things to read:

Also, a picture I saw on facebook today, showing a microscope's view of sand.  How awesome is this?

2012 cycling: 171.07 miles

Monday, August 13, 2012


Tired.  Standing up has been a bit of a challenge all day and I really struggled to get going.  Such is the peril when a couple of hectic weeks comes to an end.

But, even after yesterday's bike ride I made it out for a run today.  It was supposed to be a slow one, just working on getting a consistent pace.  It was a bit slower than last time, and consistency had increased a little but I still went off too fast and my legs gave up in the middle, not helped by the fact I'd under estimated the temperature so over heated a bit (wish I'd been in shorts!).  Pretty sure I've pulled something too because despite recovery drink, stretching and a soak in the bath walking is proving "interesting".

As I've said before I'm trying not to take "training" too seriously until I'm mended so as not to get fit and then just have to start again when I have time off to recover from surgery (which I'm still "um"ing and "ah"ing about but that's another story...)

With a little bit of help I have come to the conclusion I need to run a bit less far (not that 2.7 miles is particularly far really), but more often, so we shall see how it goes!

2012 running total: 40.64 km

You've not had any Lego photos for a while, so here's a couple of shots...  (sorry they're a tad dark, but I'm feeling lazy!)

He may focussed on his enemy, but hasn't noticed the giant frog sneaking up on him...

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I had a bit of a different day at work today, the bike shop I work in is moving into the now closed down gift shop next door, but we have all the stock to get rid of first so I was in there today trying to clear stuff out rather than in the "proper" shop.

Made a nice change and I bought a few fun things myself, including...

And a catapulting frog (there were cows and chickens too!), I can vouch for the fact it hurts if it hits you!

After work I opted to go for a bike ride, I went out on my mountain bike for the first time in a very long time. I'm sure I've said over the last few weeks how much I like my road bike, but being back on the mountain bike is something different entirely.  I didn't do any proper mountain biking, just a lap of the local reservoir (so a gravel track over 1m wide!), but the bike just feels so different.  I was timing myself so I almost gave myself a taste of racing again, although far from technical - with speed, going round corners required a bit of technique.  I am now the fasted female on Strava to do a lap, which is always nice, but I know I have a lot more in my legs, just not in my arm.  I'll be out to beat that time when I'm fit!

So yes, mixed emotions.  Frustrating to be feeling so restricted, and not particularly pleasant to be in pain now that I've finished, but still kinda nice to be back on a mountain bike.  Needs cleaning now though!

Probably stick to the road bike for a little while yet though I think!  I really need to go for a run at some point too...

2012 Cycling Miles: 154.11

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Been at work all day so not much exciting to report.

Bit of a cop out picture, I'm catching up on the XC action from earlier.  Very jealous!

Friday, August 10, 2012


All day long I've been thinking of interesting things to write tonight, but I've now forgotten all of them, so here's some jelly and ice cream.

Right.  Bedtime!  G'night.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Ice, strapping and rest has been the order of the day so far.  Have a couple of days at work to come (5 days off has turned into 4!) and the airport run tonight so I need to be at my best!  Pleasantly surprised by how well it's working though, might just get me on the bike in the next day or 2... (only to work and back mind!)

Had a quick shopping trip this morning (need milk and tea in stock for return of the parents!), and I took my camera out with me so I could stop on the way back.  My photography subjects didn't turn out to be what I went out to snap, but have to say I was quite happy with some of the results!


Flowery thing:

Sorry - photo overload.  But I wanted to share them! :-)

It was good to get out with the camera, been lacking inspiration for too long, hopefully they'll be more to come soon.  Also glad that I've actually *done* something while my parents have been away!

Hasn't the last 10 days gone quickly?

Uh-oh, yes it has.  I need to tidy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Doesn't happen very often but I had to admit defeat today.

I'd had a really lovely day, an impromptu visit from one set of grandparents, a nice chat and some personal statement advice from my Pap.   That was followed by a planned visit from the other grandparents; they bought me lunch, helped clean the house, walk the dogs and then bought me dinner too!  (Parents home tomorrow!)

But, when returning home, having dropped them off at their house, I had to stop.  Driving has caused me a few issues with pain before, but nothing I couldn't handle (core, doesn't that make me sound tough?), tonight though, was different.  Have to admit it feels like things have been getting worse, particularly over the last few weeks, probably because I've been overdoing things (although there has been a steady downward trend since about November!), but it's really not good when you're trying to drive along and it feels like that.  I'm not sure it was even quite that painful when I had a big hole in it!


Could think of worse places to be "stuck" though:

I'm going to eat some ice cream now.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I'm tired.  Really tired.  Guess the last couple of weeks has caught up with me a bit.  Out of our 2 dogs I think this is the one who I cam empathise with a bit.  We both have a sub-optimal limb situation and both see like more sleep is needed!

Other dog on the other hand is full of beans and despite me being a bit dead we had a lovely time in the sunshine at the park today!

More olympics watching today,  lots of amazing action in the velodrome.  The emotions that follow a final are something special to follow and just adds to the inspiration I was talking about yesterday.

That's all your going to get from me today because my general contentedness from today is slowly turning into grumbliness as I get fed up with brokeness.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Today?  Come to an end of what has been a relatively tough stretch at work for me, lots of hours, and home alone, in charge of the dogs so I enjoyed a reasonably slow morning.  Lots of snoozing.  Also cleaned out the gerbils and did some "Olympic vacuuming".

It's the Olympics that I want to talk about today, I was thoroughly unexcited in the run up to London 2012 and watched the opening ceremony with great cynicism.  I was more amused than impressed with the beginning of it, but as it went on I got into it and I have to say Danny Boyle did a very good job with it!

As far as the sport went, I made an effort to avoid it in the early stages but ended up catching some of it.   I'd always intended to watch the cycling but ended up watching lots of the swimming in particular, as the competitions have developed I've ended up getting hooked.  Missed quite a bit with being at work but really enjoyed what I've watched when I have been at home.  "Super Saturday" was amazing to watch, as have been performances by some of the big guns (Phelps etc.), already got me, at least, thinking about competition.  I haven't raced my bike in over a year now and can't wait to get back to it - watching this has definitely got me wanting to race more.

What really got me though, was seeing Oscar Pistorius run in the 400m last night.  He was the last to finish in his race which as far as most olympians are concerned is a disappointing result, but to see him, who lost his legs when he was very young, strive to not only to become a world record holder in the T44 100m, 200m, and 400m (when T44 is actually for people with "less" of a disability then him), he wanted to do more.  He became the first double leg amputee to compete alongside able-bodied people in the Olympics.  This really put things into perspective, he's a real inspiration.

I hope that I am not the only one that feels this way, and having seen what can be achieved in the face of adversity, other people get out there.  I'm not saying everyone should be targeting the olympics, but it just goes to show that things normally seen as barriers to success aren't necessarily solid!  That combined with the great achievments of some of the British athletes (who's names are getting to numerous to list!), I really hope it makes a difference to people.

And in true "inspired style" I went for a run today.  I really wanted to go out and ride but my arm has been particularly sore over the last couple of days and I didn't want to aggravate it further.  Now I should point out that the route I've been running which is 2.7 miles, due to where I live, is predominantly downhill for the first half and uphill for the second (with a climb on the way back categorised at category 4 on Strava for cycling!).  As of yet I haven't managed to run the whole thing, but have been getting progressively better.  Didn't have my brother with me to help with pacing this time around so I ended up going off quite fast and I died a little bit in the middle so walked more than I would have liked in the second half but somehow managed to knock almost a minute of my previous best time.  25.53 for the 2.7 miles.

Legs are grumbling a bit now, as is the rest of me really, but Rio 2016 here I come? :-P

36.32 km ran in 2012 so far...

Just to keep things interesting here's a picture of a very cuddly chicken.


I suspect I could, but I'm not going to do a "proper" post tonight as time is short and there's something important I need to do next time I write something, so instead here's a nice picture:

Expect a few biking shots tomorrow (watched the race tonight!)

(This one didn't get posted either.  How disappointing.  Maybe I just missed the publish button?!)


Feel free to pretend you've read something interesting tonight.  My heart's not in it so I'm afraid this is all you're getting!

Here's another dog picture though.

(apparently I didn't actually post this when I tried to first time round!  I fear I fell asleep)

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Well that was a strange day.  I woke up late, and was feeling a bit broken but miraculously made it to work on time.  The sun was out(ish), and it's still the school holidays so everyone was playing in the bright warm sun, flipping like a pancake, popping like a cork.

Alas chaos was to ensue thanks to a torrential downpour.  Shop got a tad flooded, and outside turned into a lake, and then we got called out to a rescue which needed 2 of the 4 of us to drive out to!  My part in the rescue was bringing back 2 small kids + mum, the kids were swinging like a bunch of monkeys, hanging from a tree.  Wouldn't have minded but I was trying to drive safely, and they had muddy shoes!

Something to keep us on our toes anyway.  I'm shattered though.  Early night required.  Especially seen as I've been singing to myself since I've got home (definitely going bonkers!) - Tra-la-la la-la-la-la
Tra-la-la la-la-la-la!

As promised here's a photo from the race yesterday.

Banana Splits anyone?

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Have to say I've had a really nice day today.

Out with 1 lot of grandparents this morning, I did some typing for them and was treated to 1/2 a tank of petrol and quite a posh lunch.  I don't spend as much time with them as I should so it was nice.  The got home just in time for a visit from the other grandparents.

I ended up cooking their dinner, but we walked the dogs together and my grandma did some washing and cleaning for me. They're coming back while I'm at work tomorrow to give the dogs some company and do my ironing for me!

The only slight tarnish on my day was my trip to the GP and that wasn't that bad really, seen as I got what I went for.  Just a bit disappointed as I really liked the guy I was seeing in Nottingham and I'd like to think if I ever become a GP I wouldn't give someone painkillers that they ask for just because they've asked for them.  My records are a bit lacking (seen as I've just moved) and so there was no evidence that I'd ever been prescribed them, or really that I had any need for them, but she gave them to me, no questions asked, without concern even when I said I was needing more now than previously.  Hopefully she's not like that with everyone and was just trying to make up time.  I need to find one that I like... not that I should need to see one in the near future anyway (fingers crossed!).  Suspect I'm just difficult to please!

I'm sleepy so I'm going to stop writing and sit and watch some swimming.  

Oh and here's another dog picture.

One more thing, I promise.  When I dropped my grandparents back home I saw a very drunk person.  He's their neighbour so is known to them, and he is an alcoholic.  But he was very drunk.  To the point that he stumbled across into the road and then fell over and couldn't get up again.  I decided that as I wouldn't be much help I'd stay in the car.  Didn't leave until his (stronger than me) neighbours came out and picked him up and helped him inside, so I'm not a terrible person.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


You'll be please to hear I'm feeling better today.  Thought I would be after a good night's sleep.  Most of the day has been spent collapsed on the sofa with various bits of the Olympics on.

Had some wonderful company for a good chunk of the morning too...

After much snoozing, and having just watched the women's TT I decided to go out on my bike.  Opted to do the old time trial loop, but seen as I had to get to and from the start it was a 17 mile ride in the end.  Kept a reasonable average throughout, somewhere between 16 and 17 mph depending on whether I go with Strava or my speedometer (I really want a Garmin!).  Was pretty chuffed because I felt like I was crawling along at times, it was difficult to even turn the pedals let alone at any speed when I was going up a hill, or even along the flat, with a headwind!

Glad I got out though.  Shan't make the same mistake as last week and go out again too soon and too hard and break myself more!

Not at work again tomorrow but have a busy day anyway, so very happy I've had a slow day today!  Bit nervous about GP appointment in the morning, finally got round to making one today.  Having had to change doctors from the one I like in Nottingham I was already a bit apprehensive about getting a new one but I'd done a bit of "research" and picked one that I thought I'd like, and tried to make an appointment to see him.  He has no appointments for the next couple of weeks (clearly popular) so seeing someone else tomorrow.  Whoever it is isn't even listed on the website, so I'm assuming they're a locum.  This worries me slightly because I now know nothing about them.  I'm sure it'll be fine, but I'm still panicking.  I don't like change!  For someone that wants to be a doctor I sure do worry about going to see one...

Anyway I've waffled on enough.  I need to pay more attention to the swimming.

2012 cycling: 144.81 miles