Sunday, September 30, 2012


On the whole, today has been alright.  'Cept now I'm starting to get tired and the elbow is getting sore I'm getting grumpier again.

I kept the sling on while I was out, as it seemed like a long time to leave my poor arm hanging there, but have made an effort whilst at home.  It doesn't want to move very far and the weight of a fork (as in knife and...) is too much. Just a tad frustrating...

Changed the dressing this morning too. Steri-strip things in the way but at least I now have an idea what the scar might look like.  Can't wait to be de-stitched a week tomorrow (assuming I can get an appointment...). 

I realise that this is at a rather odd angle!

I'm allowed to be a little bit grumbly when my arm looks like that, right?

Sorry, I'm sure I'll stop feeling sorry for myself soon, just a bit "mojoless" I guess. Was going to turn to studying (not that I've got much to study) in an attempt to get myself going again but that probably requires writing to be successful so promptly gave up on the idea.

Not sure even ice cream will get me out of this one.  Sure I'll be fine in the morning though...

I've said sure too many times.  I'll stop talking now.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Went for a walk down to the shop this morning - I needed to get out of the house!

Normal service has now resumed though.  I'm sitting around, doing very little, occasionally making "ouch" related noises.  

Tomorrow scares me, supposed to be minimal movement for 10 days but was told I could start getting my arm out of the sling after 3 days.  Whilst I like progress I'm more than a little bit worried about doing too much and stopping the healing, or doing more damage. I really don't want to undo the good that has hopefully been done!

I'm also having a bit of a mini-meltdown.  I can't decide if my new worries are genuine or really just a  combination of self-doubt and a fear of rejection.  Current opinion is that either way I don't need to act now, and this isn't the time anyway - I should focus on mending.  This logic is not stopping me from fretting though!

I should probably try and embark on some sort of positive mental attitude crusade, and focus on positive stuff (which I'm sure there's plenty about if I start looking for it!) to get myself going again.  I shall begin with the Brave soundtrack, 'cos I like that at the moment!

This one-handed typing thing is getting speedier.  Just as well, typing counts as repetitive so there's a minimum of a 6 week ban!

Until tomorrow folks.

Friday, September 28, 2012


I was going to whinge, but couldn't bring myself to do it, with the usual "I shouldn't complain, lots of people have got things worse, too many people have things a lot worse" argument springing to mind.  But whilst this makes me feel guilty for wanting to have a bit of a grumble it doesn't really stop the desire the do it!

I'm going to be unbearable in a few days aren't I? Already fed up of not being able to do anything, and trying to do things that really shouldn't be difficult resulting in ouchiness.

At least I've only got 1 hand to type with so I can't go on too much!

Picture opportunities are few and far between.  So here's...erm...the sky!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I get the feeling the coming days (and weeks) are going to be testing.  I don't seem to have the required patience!  Hopefully this will be the end of it though!

De-bandaged, as requested, this afternoon so don't have much left to show for it now!
Would quite like to know what it looks like under there...


Well I made it through yesterday!  It was a very long day but it's all over now.

Awake but non-feeling surgery is very odd.

I'm not going to write any more cos 1 handed typing is slow!

Photo taking yesterday was difficult!

More later seen as this is a day late!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I've still not got anything interesting to write about.  I could talk about the inner sanctums of my my brain, or the outer sanctums for that matter - it's all filled with the same things today, and you don't really want to "hear" me go on and on about it.  So I won't.

You'll probably get a lot of me going on and on about it when it's all over though, 'cos I might have an excuse to grumble about something then!

Still raining...

I'm sure I'll get the chance to get a picture of something tomorrow, even if it isn't all that exciting.  But don't suppose I'll post it up until Thursday as I shall be "otherwise engaged" for much of the day!

See you on the other side...

Monday, September 24, 2012


I've had lots of potential ideas for today's post, but in the end I decided that I didn't actually want to publish any of them!

I'll try and come up with something tomorrow as I have an excuse to be relatively quiet as of Wednesday!

Took my brother out to get some photos for his photography homework, he has commandeered my DSLR so only had the iPhone to play with...

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I was going to do a slightly more "proper" bog post tonight, as I have been slacking a bit recently, but I'd rather sit and read a book instead so you'll just have to watch this space I'm afraid!

Here's the gerbils:

Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's got a bit cold hasn't it?

OK, well it's not *that* cold, but a definite chill to the air! Maybe that's why I'm feeling "it" tonight...

Strange day at work today too.  One of those days where you really just lose faith in humanity, and have to wonder how some people can live with themselves, but equally how others can keep going.  I guess that's what we do though.  Giving up doesn't seem to be an option very often does it, I guess it's an evolution of our survival instincts, now there's less predators to be afraid of...

Really hope for the sake of everyone involved that tomorrow is a better day!

Suddenly I'm really looking forward to next weekend - the first weekend since June that I won't have been working, don't me wrong, I like my job (most of the time!), but we all like time off, right?


Ooh, today's date is a palindrome.  

Anyway, tomorrow marks the beginning of my last weekend at work for a little while, I say a little while as I don't know how long I'll be away for yet (and I suspect it won't be very long until I'm back down there visiting 'cos I'm bored, even if I'm not supposed to be working!), so I've promised everyone cake.  

I therefore spent many hours today baking.  The first cake I made looks like my most successful Victoria sponge to date! I say most successful, because I managed to get both pieces out of the tins without them sticking to anything!

I then went on to make lots of cup cakes.  I'm not sure I like the term "cup cakes" it sounds too American, but I'm not sure what else to call them!  I made 3 varieties, peanut butter, white chocolate and dark chocolate so ended up with about 65 in total.  No one needs that much cake, but don't they look good?

Mission accomplished anyway.  As I said, no one really needs that much cake, but it should make work a little bit brighter over the weekend, and it kept me occupied for a few hours which was the real aim!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Sorry it's a day late.  Didn't get a chance to post yesterday.  Photo's not very exciting 'cos well, I didn't do anything exciting!

(and yes it was just "argh, I need to take a photo, what's nearby...?")

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This isn't the first blog post I have written today, but I decided not to publish the first one.  It's possibly a tad "deep", comes with the risk of portraying me as a bit crazy, and after all the effort I put into writing it, it didn't really come to any conclusions.  Not only does this mean I don't really want to share it, the fact it came to no conclusion means it didn't really help, as blog writing usually does, to untangle the chaos that is the inside of a persons head!  So yep, after all that I don't have anything to show for it and I'm not feeling any better about anything!

Right, onto the "back up" blog.  The new Killers album was delivered to me today so I'm going to talk about music.  Unlike many of my peers the music I listen to has remained relatively constant over the last few years - there's been a few new additions (although on the whole they've been things I've "discovered" rather than proper new music), but the old stuff has stayed there.

I have a small segment of my music collection on a memory stick in my car, and it never ceases to amaze me that certain songs can, in an instant, take me back to somewhere.  The songs that this happens with most, are the ones I get are the songs/artists which I had almost constantly on repeat for an extended period of time!  A certain Red Hot Chili Pepper's album for example, takes me back to my first summer working down at the shop, I had it on for many of my rides to work and back!

The Hoosier's first album?  Hours in the sixth form library/the "fish bowl" revising.  Snow Patrol - Final Straw...a long car journey, destination: holiday!

The most recent additions to my music collection have been Frank Turner, and this new Killers album.  I wonder exactly what'll spring to mind when I hear those songs in a year or two...

Before I leave you, here's another spider picture.  Looks a bit fatter than the one we found before, but it might be the same one, even if it is now missing a leg...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Everybody dreams.  Sometimes when we have our heads in the clouds we're thinking about things that seem achievable - career goals, a new car perhaps, a bike ride; other times the dreams are a bit more unattainable but we always have something to aspire too. 

It's probably not too good to spend a lot of time dreaming though, we're living in the present after all, and it's what we're doing now that will direct us towards those things that we want so much, right?

On the other hand, if you've got something happening, at a fixed point in time, and the outcome of which determines the paths you can follow then you can't look too far ahead.  Sure, although some doors may close and others may open as a result it makes it difficult to plan.  But do you really what to spend all your time fixating on that one thing?  It becomes hard not to.  And what happens afterwards?  What if it wasn't the momentous occasion you were expecting to be?

The reality of course, is that you need to find a balance.  Fixating on one thing, particularly if it isn't an overly pleasant thing, leads to a not very positive mental attitude, and this can bring everything down.  It's not always that easy to find a balance though, and sometimes you get carried away one way or the other...

Where on this delicate see-saw you lie (if you lie on it at all, for the upcoming big event isn't something that everyone has on their horizons, although I imagine that almost everybody will have a "something" even if to others it doesn't seem that significant) can be heavily influenced by other people.  Although this influence can itself change rapidly. In one sentence someone can lead you to believe that what you long for most is indeed achievable and a real possibility, before then pointing something out which means that realistically it's not going to happen!

Que sera sera?

Easy enough to say, but a bit more of a challenge to implement that sort of mentality!

This counts as an excuse for ice cream though, yes?

Monday, September 17, 2012


I've been slacking over the last few days, but I shall do as promised and make up for it today!

Despite a general feeling of grogginess (and an annoying headache and is really not a good time to start getting a cold...) today's actually been alright!  Dropped the brother of at school (having really only just rolled out of bed and inhaled some weetabix, before having a bath (was too tired last night!) and then cracking on with the rest of my "jobs".  A brief detour on the way home from school though, thought I'd make the most of the sunshine and the fresh morning air...

Apart from that I've mainly been reading today.  Three quarters of the way through this book already.  Might even finish it tonight!  But you all know how I like to "immerse" myself in a good book...

Particularly useful because now it's next week, and the countdown is into single figures the panic is getting a tad more real.  Not helped by my brother talking about bone grinding etc. over dinner, and he's not the one that's been in theatres and seen them in action.  I couldn't finish the rest of my food after  that because I could "taste" the thoughts, I found the air tastes/smells very distinctive when there's stuff like that going on in theatre!  It wasn't necessarily unpleasant at the time, but now I know it'll be me!

Is that enough?  I hope so!

Oh, P.S.  Submitted my applications this morning (UCAS and the special Cambridge one), so now we wait.  For a long time because the deadline is still a month away! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Not going to bother with incoherent waffle tonight.  Here's a photo.  I'll try harder tomorrow.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


A good night's sleep meant that despite today throwing everything it had at me (bike falling on my head, awkward hire group and multiple customers all at once) I came out the other side feeling better than yesterday!

It was sunny too.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Sometimes things don't always go according to plan (even if "every single little thing must go according to plan" according to the song!)

A good plan is a flexible one though I suppose...

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Back to school today!

Not for me, but was accompanying my brother so he could abandon college and sign up for sixth form instead.  It was really weird being back.  Although lots of the teachers have stayed there is still a recognisable core in the sixth form staff, a couple of whom had to have a second look before they worked out who I was.  Everyone seemed very happy to hear that I'd done well at uni and am hoping to do medicine (not many people from my school got in to medicine, or Oxbridge for that matter - none did in my year).  Not that I've got in yet, but I have a 1st class degree from a respectable degree in a "difficult subject", that's enough for them!

Was great seeing my old form tutor, we didn't talk for long (we never did), but he hasn't a changed a bit. "What are you doing here, you must be at least 35 by now?! (that was a joke by the way)".

A bit odd being there really - everything there is almost identical to when I left, and yet so much has changed in my life since then (that makes me sound old!)

I'm going swimming this afternoon.  I say swimming, I don't suppose I'll actually do much proper swimming.  That's too arm-y.  I'm only going to help my friend (and we're going in the toddler's pool!), so I shall mainly be standing in a knee deep pool.  Good enough for me though! 

And the skies are blue... 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


What is it about bikes?  I haven't ridden one today, or even really looked at one but I keep thinking about riding.  And oddly, "mechanic-ing" which is something I need to make a real effort to improve when I'm back on the bike properly...

Anyway, the keeping busy thing has continued.  This morning involved book collection (and a lovely chat!), pet shop/garden centre wandering, shopping, and lunch with my Grandad!

Had to stop in the pet shop because I was passing, and it's the best shop ever.  I could spend hours in there watching the animals.  Always have something different.  Along with turkeys and ferrets, today they had giant rabbits.  Now the picture doesn't really give a sense of scale, but they really were huge!

I'm afraid that's all you're getting from me today.  I need to get back to this book.  Although most of it is quite interesting, for some reason every time I start reading it I want to fall asleep...  but I will get to the end eventually! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Went for a run this morning.  Decided I'm not going for any more runs until I'm mended and have the means to dedicate myself to actual training.  I'm too competitive to enjoy my current level of running, which is slow and making no progress!

2012 running: 43.84 km

Back to "plan A" today.  Keeping myself occupied and therefore keeping happy.  Today has mainly been filled with med school application-ness.  I'm so nearly done.  The Cambridge stuff is all done, and my UCAS statement just needs to get a bit shorter and then I can send that off and be an official medical school applicant.  After that it's lots of waiting and hoping!

Still doing crazy person panicking though (15 days to go!). Something tells me it's probably not going to stop until it's over.

This is a segment of today's running route: (not my "usual" route!)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Right then. Don't really know where to start.  This is either going to turn into a wonderful, fluffy, metaphorical post of wisdom.  Or it'll go no where.  Place your bets now!

So, I'm going for a walk down a quiet path, nothing to hear but the wind in the trees and the crickets in the grass.  The sky's getting a bit stormy looking though, and the air is swirling about.  Perhaps I don't want to be here any more.

But how much of this is real?  We probably have to assume the "physical" things are just that.  The ground I'm walking on has got to be pretty solid (apart from all the nothingness in the atoms etc. but that's another road I'm not going down now...), and the wind, well I can feel that on my face, see it rippling my clothes so that must be real too.

So now take a leap.  We all have aspirations right?  Where do they come from? What are they based on?  An aspiration doesn't exist as a "thing", it's not tangible, but I want to follow it anyway, that's where I want to be.  You could describe it as something at the end of the path, walk for long enough and you'll get there.  But I can't see this path, or it's end, so who's to say our feet are treading in the right place?  And that we're not getting lost in the undergrowth instead...

I know my aspirations have changed, and if I track them over the years I can see that they've changed in line with my surroundings. Does that mean the paths we're following aren't our true aspirations, and the real goal is hidden somewhere? 

What about pain?  No one likes pain.  A broken bone, a foot after standing on lego, a cut hand.  Never pleasant.  But that's the idea. I've always been told that pain is the way our body looks after itself - a warning that something is damaged, or a way of learning not to do that again.  But how much of the pain we feel is really physical?  Sure it all comes down to nerve impulses and chemical transmitters so something is physically happening. But these things fire for all sorts of reasons, and sometimes that reason is hard to find.  What if that sensation of pain isn't real, and it's all in your head?  You could chase a solution for years and never find one because there isn't a problem to fix.

So what's the answer to all this I hear you ask? No idea.  If you work it out, let me know!

I seem to have reached the end of this, I'll let you decide which of the earlier categories this falls into...

Sunday, September 9, 2012


There's a spider in the bath...

Given it's size relative to the plughole I think I did well to get that close.  Glad my dad was home to "remove" it though!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


It's probably in everyone's best interests that I don't write too much tonight.  A combination of things means I'm not in the best of moods and I was rather glad to see the sun setting to signal the beginning of the end of the day!

I suspect (well hope...) that much of it is just down to tiredness, not that I'm very optimistic that I'll get a good night's sleep tonight, so things might all seem a bit better in the morning.  As I say, not optimistic though.

The "events" of the day have led to the notion that "18 days to go" has become even more significant than it was already, I have a bit of a feeling that it might signify the end of something big, but hopefully the start of something new.  Again, can't say too much, but it's not a hasty as it sounds, have been considering it for a while but today has acted as a bit of catalyst.  I don't like change though.  Hopefully will have some time to think about it anyway seen as I'm going to have some proper time off while I'm healing! That's all I'm going to say for now.  It's not really fair on the people involve for me to start revealing things on here first (and nor would I want to say something now and then regret it if I change my mind!).

In fact I've already said too much.  I'm going to stop talking now.

Wish I had some ice cream!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Despite feeling pretty tired after all the excitement yesterday I decided I best get myself in gear and go for a ride this morning.  Glad I got out "early" 'cos it was already warm, any later and I think I'd have struggled.

I opted to do the 17 mile loop (incorporating the original local 10 mile TT loop) which I've done a few times recently.  I was hoping to finally get my time down to under an hour.  I was feeling good early on, my speedo said I kept an average of 20 mph+ over the first 4 or so miles, and I found a bit of a rhythm.  Dropped to a lower gear than usual and tried to spin rather than push, and so I really thought I'd be quick.  I did set a new best time, but still not quite quick enough - 1hr 57 secs! 

I went out with the intention of setting a fast time, and as such didn't want to stop giving my all throughout.  Every time my legs tried to stop spinning round I had to get them going again.  Every pedal stroke is another one closer to the end after all!  This came into particular action at the end.  I was starting to struggle.  As although spinning in a low gear is probably a bit easier it is a much more constant throughout and I haven't quite reached a level of fitness where I could sustain such an effort, I had to keep telling myself to keep going.  It probably helps that I've done the loop a few times now, so I'm starting to learn where a bit of a bigger effort will pay off, and just how far away the sections that offer a bit of respite are! 

Now, as you would expect from me, this got my mind wandering. Not on the ride of course, that required paying attention to very little but the road and my bike.  All ponderances were reserved for the post-ride bath and beyond!  Despite various problems, and having not done a great deal of riding in the last year or so, I'm some how able to ride faster than ever before.  I'm putting this mainly down to the awesomeness of tri-bars, but I have to say (apart from the arm), I'm probably in better shape that I have been for a while, finally on top of the extra cake and ice cream related calories...

Almost seems a shame to put an end to this in 19 days (yep - still counting!), and head into the depths of autumn and winter back at square one.  But then I thought some more, as I gazed down at the "tubigrip tanline" I'm developing, and sat as the post-ride pain slowly developed too and came back to the same conclusion I came to a while ago.  And if there's ever a good time to take an enforced break from the bike, it's going to be when it's all cold and wet outside right?   

None of this helped by the book I'm reading at the moment.  Recommended to me by one of the consultants I was shadowing on work experience, "The Creative Destruction of Medicine", it's proving to be a really interesting read so far.  Providing lots of potential "interview fodder" whilst generally educating me, but at the same time it's a bit of an eye opener.  Seems to be warning about the dangers of Joe Public taking the advice of a medical practitioner, and accepting whatever treatment they suggest without question, on the basis of many things which are "evidence-based" not really being all they're cracked up to be, surgeons and their tendency to turn to surgery as an option even if it's not necessarily in the patients best interests, not to mention many treatments not being directed properly at individuals, and instead going for the whole population. My only optimism comes from the fact that much of this is based on US medicine where things are a bit different and the role of cost and advertising etc. is very different to here in the UK. As I said, interesting read, but probably not the best time for me to be reading it!

Too much time to think about it, that's my problem.  Last time round it was only a few days from seeing the consultant to getting surgery, the weeks are adding up now and so are the nerves so it logically follows that I'm going to start doubting in.  Just have to keep talking sense into myself!

At least the reading of aforementioned book meant sitting in the garden for a bit, and has sufficiently tired me out so that I feel the need for a nap now!  Just as well as I think I've probably written more than enough for you lot to be getting on with!

Sunny September picture:

2012 cycling: 236.33 miles

Thursday, September 6, 2012


OK, so today was the day I went on the Harry Potter film studio tour.  I had a really awesome day there, it would have been a tiny bit better if I wasn't feeling a bit distracted (by the usual things!), but apart from that it really was good!

Having not all that long ago reached the age of 21 it's fair to say I grew with Harry Potter.  Sure there have been other books and films that I have enjoyed over the last 10 or so years, but nothing has come close to Harry Potter. When I turned 11 I was waiting for my letter to invite me to attend Hogwarts and since then it's often been a world I could immerse myself in.  The day after my operation last year, what did I do all day to recover?  Watch Harry Potter DVDs! 

I know there are plenty of people that are in to it more than I am, but I know a fair amount of trivia, I'm into double figures with the amount of times I've read the first few books and I've watched the films more times than I care to mention as well, so I'm definitely a "fan".  And I was very excited!

Although there is always the risk of seeing something like this "spoiling the magic", you would hope that by age 21 I know that it is most definitely a work of fiction and not real!  Although it was still disappointing to see how they did quidditch etc.!

As promised I was amazed by the level of detail that had gone into all the sets and props, some things that you just wouldn't really notice when watching the film, and others that never even made it on screen!  I enjoyed seeing it all, but there were a few highlights.

Dumbledore's office:
This was the favourite set of one of the directors/producers and I can see why.  Apparently it was quite an architectural challenge but it just looks amazing.  The only thing that let it down for me was the fact that a lot of the items filling his glass cabinets were duplicates of each other.  Fair enough for a film set though as no one is ever really going to see them.  What I liked the most though, was his telescope.  The big orb thing which you can see up the stairs under the arch, it was only ever in the background in the film so didn't really get seen but it is a great piece of kit - it's a big telescope so built in to the stand is an armchair to sit and watch the stars in comfort!

The other big highlight for me was Diagon Alley.  Unlike the other areas, when walking down the path here it really felt like you were there, and not just looking onto a film set.  I could hear bits of the film being replayed in my head, like the boy crying "it's the Nimbus 2000" as he looks into the broom shop. It's a close as I'm ever going to get to living my "childhood dream" of joining their world...
I could go on for a long time, talking about all the photos, but I won't because it'll bore you. Or spoil it should you ever go yourselves.

I was really surprised/impressed by the work that went in to designing many of the sets and props too.  A lot of the drawings and prototypes were on display, even some of the relatively small things were designed down to the last detail.  Amazing stuff.  And surely a fun job too?!

And don't get me started on the animatronics...

I do need to share 1 more picture though...
Yes, that's right.  I got to dress up and fly a broom!

And that's it.  It's almost like a piece of my childhood has ended!  I must watch the films again...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The grumposaur tried to make an appearance once or twice today (sorry, that's it, I can't stop putting it like that now!), mainly over stupid things (but you all should know by now that the inside of my head is a strange place sometimes!) but I put him/her/it to be with a ride this afternoon.

It wasn't the fastest ride (although with an average between 14 and 15 mph depending on my source it wasn't exactly slow), but it had a lot more climbing in than I've done for a while (tri-bars don't make climbing very easy!) 1161 ft according to Strava.  It was also the furthest I've ridden in over 12 months - 21.24 miles!  I'd been relatively clever and planned a route that had a few "escape" points, one of which I used towards the end because I was really starting to struggle with holding on to the bars!

It gives me even more admiration for some of the paralympians (if that's possible!), who have far worse problems.  Several have been quoted saying they don't take painkillers during competition as the pain focusses them, clearly I don't have the mind of an athlete because it made me want to stop more than anything, although I did carry on it didn't really make me feel any more focussed, and definitely didn't make me go any faster!

It was a perfect day for riding, not too hot now we're officially into autumn, but clear blue skies.  The only problem were the number of harvests going on - I got attacked a couple of times with all the dust and bits that fly off the combine harvester out into the air...(very glad I had my sunglasses on!).  This field had already been sorted though...

I guess the upside of climbing all those hills was getting to go back down them again, although on unfamiliar country roads getting up to well over 30 mph was a tad scary, but good scary I think!

So yes, really enjoyed getting out. To the people who drove past me I suspect I didn't look like I was enjoying myself, but I can promise I was smiling on the inside at least some of the time!  I fear there's not going to be many rides like this in the near future.  Am now looking forward to when I can take more painkillers though. Owwww! (sorry, I won't whinge any more!).

2012 cycling: 219.33 miles

Oh yeah, mandatory sock picture:

Not sure I've quite earned the world champion stripes yet, but I can dream though!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Grumposaur...

I came so very close to buying this t-shirt today, but I thought it might become some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy!  

Actually had a good day, shopping (and I don't normally like shopping) with my oldest friend.  And made good progress with my application form for medicine.  However, despite not buying the t-shirt, I am now turning into a grumposaur 'cos I'm a bit fed up of my arm hurting (more) for no reason!

22 days to go though!  Well I say that, 22 days until I have to lie around for a couple of hours whilst someone with a scalpel and a "bone grinder" (amongst other things) gets acquainted with my elbow... and then it'll probably hurt a lot more for a while.  Oh goodo.

Sorry.  I was supposed to be being all cheerful wasn't I?

Here's a nice sunset picture:

I could really do with some tea now.  And chocolate biscuits.  Anyone deliver? 

Monday, September 3, 2012


Another successful day following "the plan", only (minor) problem came when I had to walk past the hospital earlier!

Looks like my week is going to be quite busy, just as well I'm not working again until Saturday!  Good busy though so I'm not complaining.

I'd thought I've lots to write today, partly to make up for yesterday, but I seem to have drawn a blank now so here's a sunset picture (see, I can take non-feet pictures!)

Maybe tomorrow's post will be a bit more substantial.  I've got an application form to fill in and a book to finish now though! 


Nothing very exciting has happened today and I have lots to do, and I'm feeling broken so you're not really going to get much from me!

Here's a boring sock photo to go along with the boring post!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I'm not going to go on too much tonight 'cos I'm hurting a bit and it's making typing quite difficult!

Strange day at work.  It was really quite busy at times, which is fine with me 'cos it makes the day go faster.  It got a bit frustrating though, I appreciate the reasoning behind things that were done and said but doesn't mean I'm happy about it!  Have a feeling it'll be worse tomorrow...

Socks are just about doing their job though!

Thought I'd wear those ones seen as I was riding in today!

2012 cycling total: 198.09 miles

25 days to go.  (just incase you wanted to know!)

Before I go, have I mentioned how much I want to be a doctor?  Filling out yet another application form.  Get so excited just thinking about it!