Thursday, December 30, 2010


This will almost certainly be my last post of the year so I'll begin by wishing a happy new year to everyone!

This year has certainly been jam packed - my first season of racing, my first bouldering competition, getting a 1st for my first year at uni, celebrating my last birthday as a teenager, walks with ramsoc, playing quidditch, house hunting and so much more! It looks like 2011 is going to be full to the brim with new experiences and adventure too so I will keep you updated with the action as it happens!

I took my dad down to Woburn Sands mountain biking today, it was great fun (there's not much that can beat flying down fast single track!), really proved to me how unfit I've got since the summer though - will have to make an effort when I'm back at uni if I want to improve on last years race results. Sounds like a new years resolution in the making!

Having been revising for my atmospheric chemistry exam I feel I ought to mention global warming and climate change. I'm a bit of a skeptic if I'm honest, something is happening to our climate, that I can agree with, but to what extent we are responsible, I'm not so sure. Assuming it is down to us, as the government and their statistics would like us to believe, we don't seem to be doing much about it. I was talking to my dad about wind and solar panels (today, like a lot of the days in the last few weeks, being both foggy and without a breath of wind!), his argument was that we wouldn't be able to generate enough power to make a difference but if everyone saves just a little bit of oil, and produces just a little bit less carbon dioxide by producing their own power, that's got to be a good thing right?

Probably just as well I've been revising that module today - the other one is quantum mechanics! (watch this space if you like quantum chemistry / physics!)

Friday, December 24, 2010


First of all - it's Christmas eve so Merry Christmas to everyone!

Its Christmas that I'd like to talk about first, mainly because everyone's gone mad! I live in a village, and on the 2 trips out today it was chaotic, cars and people everywhere! The snow wasn't helping but drivers were doing all kinds of crazy things to park and get where they had to go...I'm surprised (but glad!) that there hasn't been an accident.

I guess its nice though, shows that people are making an effort to make christmas special (whether or not they believe in the reasons we celebrate), either that or everyone had forgotten until today that is is christmas tomorrow! Christmas to me is a time to relax and enjoy time with family; yes I enjoy the food and presents (who doesn't?) but they're not essential to enjoy it. Also means I can have a few guilt-free days of not revising / couresworking ready for going back to Nottingham next month.

The next thing I want to talk about (and something that will probably become a frequent feature of these blogs) is cycling. I've been saying to myself all week that I need to get out and ride my local haunt (its been far to long!), and today I finally dragged myself out. I drove halfway there so I could test my fitness but so that my car was close enough should anything go wrong and I have to say I was disappointed, it had its moments of fun but I think being at uni has meant my fitness has dropped considerably so I just couldn't get the speed I wanted, nor keep going for long enough - a new year's resolution in the making I think!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Before I begin blogging about my thoughts and adventures I guess I should introduce myself. I'm a second year undergraduate chemistry student at the University of Nottingham; I'm not going to lie - I'm a bit of a nerd - I might not be the highest scoring person on my course but I'm pretty sure I'm one of the most passionate. I can't help it, I find science interesting am quite happy to read about various topics all day and night!

As well as science I also love the outdoors; cycling (both mountain and road) and rambling in particular. If I spend too long cooped up inside I start to get a bit mad but luckily I belong to ramsoc which means I can go to the Peak District almost every weekend and walk with friends. I hope to be able to lead walks in the next couple of months as well. Climbing is pretty fun too, although I've only done that inside so far!

When I'm not doing any of those things the chances are I'm using my mac or my Wii; I've got several games that I like to play and they keep my occupied when I'm stuck indoors!

Over the coming days, weeks and months I hope to share anything interesting that happens to me as well as things I find interesting or important.

My opening topic is tuition fees. Its no secret that the students of today aren't happy about the increases, and unfortunately for those of them the were peacefully protesting, a few people maliciously ruined the protests. I was invited by the SU to join the protests in London but decided to opt out as I am not necessarily against an increase in fees. In principle all it means is that people will be paying back their student loan for longer, which in my opinion is not a big hardship. I'm of the view that university should be harder to get into; less students means less government funding will be required and a higher value to the degree. University should be open only to the academic elite (with financial situation being no barrier), and colleges offering other qualifications (both vocational and academic) for everyone else; this would ensure everyone is sufficiently educated but without sending thousands of people into an unnecessary life of debt!

OK rant over for the day!