Monday, January 7, 2013


It's been a bit of an odd week, good odd I should add...

My New Year's resolution was to stop being grumpy.  I realise this was a bit vague, and really setting myself up for failure.  In the first 7 days I think what I have achieved is at least being less grumpy.  I think I've done well - I had a couple of wobbles, because whilst it's been a good few days it has been quite stressful at times! It was commented on at the weekend though...someone who known me for almost 5 years, and therefore knows me pretty well said it was like having "the old Becky back", this someone didn't know that I was making an effort to be more cheerful about things so he wasn't just saying it either.  I class that as a win so far!

So what's been going on then?

Firstly, as I alluded to in my end of year post January is the month where things are changing and moving on for the better and even more things have happened since I wrote that!

I had a mock med school interview, this was in quite a different format to both the interviews I have been invited to (yes both...there has been a second invite!) but I think it was valuable nonetheless. I got to witness 2 other applicants being grilled (and they were an audience for my test-run) either side of my 15 minute questioning.  There quite a lot of questions asked which I hadn't considered before, so that was already helpful, but the general experience and the feedback were also good!  I was nervous, and I thought it had affected me - I felt I struggled to get answers out coherently or in enough detail but both interviewers said actually I did quite well, whilst I was visibly nervous I settled down into the interview and they thought I came across well nonetheless. 

OK, so the following morning I had a job interview (which I had only found out about the day before!).  The situation round this job is  a bit odd so I wasn't sure what to expect, but with my extra confidence from the previous night's practice I think I performed quite well - just remembering to breathe and think, then answer seemed to really help. They said they'll be in touch...

I have *another* job interview tomorrow. This is the one I really want. I think. I know I could do a good job here and hopefully I'll be able to get that across to the interviewer such that they think I am the best candidate!  My new found confidence means I'm actually more nervous about finding the right building than the interview itself (although I'm sure that will change tomorrow morning!).

There has been another interesting development too.  I can't go into the specifics as there is much still to be discussed and confirmed but it's just another option I have for the next 6-9 months. Who'd have thought I'd have so many offers on the table eh? (And it looks like I've got at least 1 more NHS jobs interview coming in my directions if everything else has gone pear shaped!).

OK. Med school interviews. My first one is at Kings, that's a week today. More excitingly I got my invite for Warwick today! It was sent out weeks ago apparently but got lost somewhere (presumably in the same place my Kings one did first time round!). I have been nervously waiting for an invite or a rejection from Warwick and I am very relieved now it's sorted.  That's not for a couple of weeks yet but it's in the diary which is all that matters!  I am very conscious that "the dream" is still quite some distance from being the reality, and there are more than a few hurdles to jump, but every step is important!

So everything really seems to be coming together at last!

That goes some way to explaining why I'm feeling more chirpy than I have been of late, the rest of the credit goes to someone (well not just "someone") on twitter. @ffolliet tweeted me a couple of weeks ago with "No one gets fit whining about it." it was (I think!) a slightly tongue in cheek comment as we were talking about "The Sufferfest" so suffering and pain are all part of the journey!  But it did provide the motivation for me to get up and do a session on the turbo trainer.  I am now aiming to do 2 a week (plus other stuff) and it is going well so far. The concept of a Twitter training partner is a bit odd but if it keeps up going then it can't be a bad thing! 

As well as the turbo training I finally went swimming today. It was "tough" but very glad I did it, and I seem to be putting in even more effort in to physio too (I was already working hard, and my improvements in strength were noted, but it still hurts so there's still work to be done!). So yes, I'm getting back on the exercise bandwagon...not in a New Year's resolution kind of way, just in a "it's about bloody time" kind of way!

I hope to keep "fun" things going to.  A cinema trip shall be required at some point this week!

Sorry. I've waffled on a bit haven't I?  Suppose that's what happens when I don't write anything for a week!  See you soon!

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