Thursday, May 16, 2013


So I rode my bike today. 

Cycling has become a little bit odd with me, I rode my mountain bike properly a couple of weeks ago with almost no pain, and then on the road bike the following week I really struggled in that respect (although thankfully the legs were still working ok).

I went out today to test the loop I've planned for our next shop ride, I wasn't sure how it was going to go as I'd never ridden that route before, and I was (and still am!) definitely feeling the effects of physio this morning, but ignoring a slight "funny turn" in the middle it was a really enjoyable ride. Just shy of 20 miles and I managed a 16mph average so not too slow.

I don't know where I'm going with it though, I miss racing - I never even got close to winning anything but it was always good fun ('cept the one time when I crashed!) but I'm definitely a way off doing that sort of thing again, both in body and mind. I wondered about road racing but I know I'm not quick enough yet, and that brings some of the same problems as XC racing 'cos I'm still a bit funny about riding in a group. Maybe I'll try a time trial if I get a bit faster...

Not that it really matters, I think it's enough to just enjoy riding bikes and if I go back to racing at some point then that's OK, and it's still OK if I don't. It might not be back to how it was yet, but I'm really quite glad that I've managed to get back to a level where I can ride a bike again at all, hopefully the improvement will continue! 

It's not just riding them either, I just like bikes in general I think. I was a bit indifferent about the whole thing when I started working at "the bike shop" 5 and a bit years ago, but I soon got into it - and now consider myself very lucky to be able to continue it. 

Sorry. Will stop waffling now. Combination of being really quite tired, but having had a good ride means I can't help it!

Until next time... 

Monday, May 13, 2013


Sorry - I know I've been rather quiet recently, but I have been quite busy!

Most notably I applied for teacher training, was invited for interview, got down to the final 2, so had another interview but then was unsuccessful. Bummocks was a friends reaction to the news. Didn't know how much I wanted to do it anyway, but I'd convinced myself during the application process and rejection when you've tried your best is never good!

I've been out on the bike a couple of times too. I had my first proper mountain bike ride in over 18 months thanks to a new splint type thing for my elbow, and apparently a fair amount of luck! It was great fun to be back. I say there was a fair amount of luck involved because I went back out on my road bike last week and really suffered. It was my only stupid fault, it was a ~20 mile loop (further than I'm supposed to be riding) and I got carried away, particularly on the final climb. That and perhaps more lifting of things than I should have done at the weekend and I'm still grumbling about it now! New physio exercises are still hurting too, back to see him this week after 3 weeks off so hopefully we can get things sorted!

Not much else to report. Currently watching the first series of Sherlock (I only started watching it on TV when the second series started!), am enjoying it so far! 

Catch you later...