Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Another few days have flown past!

The sun's been shining, and temperatures have been above average for the time of year, and are expected to stay so across the Easter weekend (bet Will and Kate are hoping it stays like this for the Royal Wedding as well!). With FNSS rapidly approaching riding has definitely been on my mind (especially with the amazing weather)!

Only had 2 rides since my last update, 1 was around the bits of firs that are still left. Now I have 2 mountain bikes I could bring my brother along. I think he really enjoyed it - I'm trying to convince him to do a few races with me because although he's not too confident on the singletrack yet playing football and running and everything else he does means he's go some serious speed in him on the open bits - he was riding singlespeed and it still took some serious effort to keep up with him!

Was aiming on doing a moderate road ride today in between revision, felt great to begin with, and hit 36.8mph on the way out of the village. The climb up into the next village took it out of me a bit, but was still going strong, a couple of miles later a combination of pollen, a dodgy wrist and realising that I'd underestimated the temperature and didn't really have enough water meant I diverted my ride and made it back after just 35 mins (10 miles). Did find a nice road I'd never been on before though so not all bad.

Back to revision now, having realised how much I need to learn in whats now less than a month I've stepped my revision up a gear, currently working my way through all my lecture notes and handouts and rewriting everything, section by section. Didn't realise quite how much we've done in the last 6 months (not going to leave revision notes this late again!). Hopefully stuff if going in as I'm writing as I probably won't have that much time left afterwards for as many exam questions as I'd like! Lab report to write by the 3rd of May as well...

The problem I'm hitting now is this pesky wrist. I've had problems with my wrists since I was a goalkeeper, aged 11, and in separate incidents they were both quite badly sprained. A few times a years I tend to get some sort of tendinitis-y thing. Not sure if all the writing has brought it on or what but its definitely not making it easy. Seriously considering going back to the doctors when I'm back in Nottingham (only been once about it a few years ago), and see if there's anything they can do (perhaps physio would help?) and see if an extenuating circumstances form is possible because if it keeps up its going to make completing an exam paper a painful experience!

That, and the fact my mum (who can't drive) has had to book an emergency appointment at the dentist tomorrow means I shan't be riding the peaks this week, but hopefully will get up there soon! Still itching for a Cannock trip too - should be a great test of the clipless pedals and how often I feel myself wanting to unclip because I'm a wuss and need a dab or 2 to keep me going! Today was scheduled as a rest day on my training plan, so having ridden today gives me an extra day to p.ay with (decided as long as I get everything into the week it doesn't matter too much when it is until I have to start planning rest days, and recoveries around races!), so a couple of days off the bike / gentle riding should hopefully be all it takes!

Right back to revision...currently working my way through everything we've been taught about complexes with transition metals and carbenes, carbynes, allyls, Cp rings and a whole host of other organic things!

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