Friday, August 5, 2011


Ok so I've been slacking on blog updates, and this'll be my last post for a while as im off on holiday next week.

A lot has happened with the arm - finally found a consultant who knows what they're doing and after a rather painful nerve test followed by a cancelled surgery slot I had an operation Monday afternoon. I spent 3.5 hours in surgery and was, as expected, feeling pretty rubbish for 24 hours afterwards.

Wednesday was a trip to the hospital to see my consultant and find out what they actually did! Was feeling a lot better by Wednesday morning but still pretty tired and sore. Turns out my main, interosseous nerve was in tact but I was in apparently in quite a mess. They tidied me up and now we play the waiting game to see if there's any permanent damage. Talk of further surgeries to move muscles further down the line depending how it goes - how scary! :(. Currently I'm seeing little improvements all the time, probably because the swelling's disappearing but still have less functionality now than before the op :(

Now have lots of physio exercises to do whilst on holiday and then we can see how all is going. I have plans to get back on my bike after my holiday whatever happens - id like to think working in a bikeshop means I have some of the best brains working on any necessary modifications to the bike! Uni are now vaguely aware of what's going on so if there's still problems in September all should be good :)

In the mean time im very excited about holiday as I didn't get one last year - hoping for lots of sun, sea and relaxation. My only problem is that I can't take pictures with my SLR because it's a 2 handed job!

"See" you when I get back from France!

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