Thursday, December 6, 2012


So, what's been going on in life, the universe and everything?

This week I finished my latest audit volunteer project.  Whilst on the surface it wasn't very exciting I got a lot out of it, and actually really enjoyed it in the end! It meant I got to work with a new team of people, I think doing this fairly regularly will definitely bee good for me as it can only increase my confidence!  I think the enjoyment came because it was clear that what I was doing was appreciated by those that I was helping and it was quite satisfying inputting all the data, and then doing some analysis etc.  Have a meeting next week to talk about the next project, I know roughly what it's about (and actually who I'll be working with) but not sure exactly what I'll be doing yet - really looking forward to it though!

Also this week, I started physio.  After many phone calls last week, it was determined that my referral for NHS physio had been lost (and another phone call yesterday revealed that the form was sitting there waiting to be filled in again by my consultant so I'm not optimisitc that it's going to be sorted any time soon!) so I opted to organise some private physio. Whilst I may have to sell a kidney to fund it should it become a regular thing I decided it's got to be worth a try because I'm well and truly fed up of being "broken" so it's about time I did something proactive to try and get it sorted!

So that was Tuesday, I most definitely looked out of place in the building - I'm not their typical client! I'm not sure as to if it's actually going to benefit, but the physio I met came up with an alternative theory as to what it causing my pain...she thinks she can help, but then she would say that because she wants my money!  Anyway, I came away with instructions to do some exercises having had my arm massaged for 20 minutes - it must be doing something because it's even more sore now! Back again next week...

I've been rather neglecting the bike/turbo trainer. You may have noticed I've had a couple of outside rides. Both just under 2 miles. Both hurt and rather worringly, despite no problems with quite intense turbo sessions, I returned from both and had "issues" with my chest (which so far I'm opting to ignore!). I will get back on the turbo at some point, I just lost motivation as I've once again actually getting back on the bike seems too far away...!

There has been progress else where though. Whilst I am set on doing medicine (although it is out of my hands at the moment!), I need to do something in the mean time so I am now taking the job hunt more seriously. Already exciting things may be afoot...but I shan't say any more until things get further because there's a good chance that they won't!

So ignoring my ouchiness (which is rather hard for me to do!) things are good at the moment...remind me of this next time I'm whinging which I expect will be very soon!  

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