Thursday, May 16, 2013


So I rode my bike today. 

Cycling has become a little bit odd with me, I rode my mountain bike properly a couple of weeks ago with almost no pain, and then on the road bike the following week I really struggled in that respect (although thankfully the legs were still working ok).

I went out today to test the loop I've planned for our next shop ride, I wasn't sure how it was going to go as I'd never ridden that route before, and I was (and still am!) definitely feeling the effects of physio this morning, but ignoring a slight "funny turn" in the middle it was a really enjoyable ride. Just shy of 20 miles and I managed a 16mph average so not too slow.

I don't know where I'm going with it though, I miss racing - I never even got close to winning anything but it was always good fun ('cept the one time when I crashed!) but I'm definitely a way off doing that sort of thing again, both in body and mind. I wondered about road racing but I know I'm not quick enough yet, and that brings some of the same problems as XC racing 'cos I'm still a bit funny about riding in a group. Maybe I'll try a time trial if I get a bit faster...

Not that it really matters, I think it's enough to just enjoy riding bikes and if I go back to racing at some point then that's OK, and it's still OK if I don't. It might not be back to how it was yet, but I'm really quite glad that I've managed to get back to a level where I can ride a bike again at all, hopefully the improvement will continue! 

It's not just riding them either, I just like bikes in general I think. I was a bit indifferent about the whole thing when I started working at "the bike shop" 5 and a bit years ago, but I soon got into it - and now consider myself very lucky to be able to continue it. 

Sorry. Will stop waffling now. Combination of being really quite tired, but having had a good ride means I can't help it!

Until next time... 

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