Saturday, November 10, 2012


I think I've been suitably quiet for a while, and seen as I like today's date it's probably about time there was a proper update!  My last posts were centred around waiting and being patient, and to be honest not much has changed there!

Arm: Things are definitely improving, it's been 6 and a half weeks and I finally get to see the surgeon in a few days to see what he thinks. Whilst I was told to do "gentle elbow exercises as pain allows" I know I have been working hard (hopefully not too hard) to get strength and motion back. So far it still seems to be giving me more grief than pre-surgery so I'm still not sure whether I'm going to end up any better for it but all I can do is continue with the being patient, and doing what I'm told to maximise the recovery. I am now getting more than mildly irritated with the fact my other arm is now becoming sore, presumably due to over-compensating.

Medicine: Haven't heard anything yet. Cambridge are interviewing in just over 2 weeks so I am hoping to know relatively soon if I've got that far or not, this may act as a guide as to what others might do too. Again, just need to be patient. Cue self-doubt and lots of "do I *really* want to do this?" ponderings though.

Bike: I have now managed 2 turbo sessions a week for the last 3 weeks. Only half an hour each, but with The Sufferfest videos it is at least an intense 30 minutes! This is approaching the most "training" I've ever done which is odd given that I don't really know what I'm training for. I'd like to race next year (I can't help being competitive!) but how much and what remains to be determined. Watch this space I get...

Generally I've been a bit up and down recently (which probably explains my lack of blogging!), too much time to think is probably to blame. Hopefully the next week or so will bring some progress on several fronts which ought to sort me out a bit!

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