Friday, November 16, 2012


Almost a week since I did my update post, figured I should probably do an update update now.

The observant amongst you will have noticed that as promised I did hear back from Cambridge this week...and I was rejected. Warwick have since sent out e-mails promising to let applicants know whether or not they are being invited for interview by the end of next month, so once again - we wait!

My consultant confirmed my worries when I saw him earlier in the week, he said if I haven't noticed improvement by now there's a good chance that I won't, but he has referred me for physio and he'll see me again in January to see if there's any change... Don't know if it was my general shyness, but I failed miserably as I had come up with a list of things I needed/wanted to ask him but didn't and instead limited my responses to not much more than yes or no.

I have managed my 2 requisite turbo training sessions this week. Whilst I still couldn't get past the half an hour mark I do feel like I'm getting fitter so I will try and keep it up, although I fear my motivation may soon abandon me!

Next week brings a trip to Nottingham for the joys of a dentist appointment (and seeing some uni friends too), the probable beginnings for me on 2 audit projects at the hospital and taking the dogs for their pre-christmas holiday bath and hair cut (assuming poor Barnaby can stand up, he's been struggling with his front leg today, poor thing.)

I needed cheering up so I figured it was an excuse for another Lego man!

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