Friday, March 29, 2013


I realise I've been very quiet this month. Mainly because I don't have much to say, and things I do want to say I'm not sure I want to be entirely public!

The first thing to say is something that, whilst it was really disappointing, I don't mind everyone knowing. Despite being almost confident after my interview, I was unsuccessful in getting a place at Warwick Medical School, so that makes 4 rejections out of 4. I'm waiting for feedback as to what I did wrong, I'm waiting for this before I decide exactly what I'm doing next. Many options seem to be floating around and I just don't know!

Suspect you're about due for an arm update too. On the recommendation of the private consultant I saw I have been seeing a physiotherapist again. I'm not sure whether it's that or the increase in medication but my arm does seem to be feeling a little bit better, or at least it hurts slightly less of the time (but gets just as bad when it does). Either way it's positive, even if I forget that when it is hurting! I have been out on my bike a couple of times too, which is always a good sign. Shall keep up the stretches and exercises as physio says perseverance is all I need (although the consensus is still that I probably won't ever be pain free), having a few issues at the moment as some of the exercises (or something I haven't worked out yet) is making my "good elbow" sore. Should probably mention this when I see him again in a couple of weeks...

The other thing that I want to blog about, and in fact have drafted and deleted several times already is a bit more difficult to talk about, and so I'm going to have to keep it quiet for a while longer at least.

No I'm not pregnant, getting married or suffering from a fatal illness! 

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