Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Before I begin blogging about my thoughts and adventures I guess I should introduce myself. I'm a second year undergraduate chemistry student at the University of Nottingham; I'm not going to lie - I'm a bit of a nerd - I might not be the highest scoring person on my course but I'm pretty sure I'm one of the most passionate. I can't help it, I find science interesting am quite happy to read about various topics all day and night!

As well as science I also love the outdoors; cycling (both mountain and road) and rambling in particular. If I spend too long cooped up inside I start to get a bit mad but luckily I belong to ramsoc which means I can go to the Peak District almost every weekend and walk with friends. I hope to be able to lead walks in the next couple of months as well. Climbing is pretty fun too, although I've only done that inside so far!

When I'm not doing any of those things the chances are I'm using my mac or my Wii; I've got several games that I like to play and they keep my occupied when I'm stuck indoors!

Over the coming days, weeks and months I hope to share anything interesting that happens to me as well as things I find interesting or important.

My opening topic is tuition fees. Its no secret that the students of today aren't happy about the increases, and unfortunately for those of them the were peacefully protesting, a few people maliciously ruined the protests. I was invited by the SU to join the protests in London but decided to opt out as I am not necessarily against an increase in fees. In principle all it means is that people will be paying back their student loan for longer, which in my opinion is not a big hardship. I'm of the view that university should be harder to get into; less students means less government funding will be required and a higher value to the degree. University should be open only to the academic elite (with financial situation being no barrier), and colleges offering other qualifications (both vocational and academic) for everyone else; this would ensure everyone is sufficiently educated but without sending thousands of people into an unnecessary life of debt!

OK rant over for the day!

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