Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Exam update: 1 down 1 to go!
The F12QCS exam went as well as could be expected. Along with many others I took the gamble (which didn't entirely pay off) that having had almost identical papers for the last 5 years, why would they change now?

This paper was much more mixed up than in previous years, and entirely new topics were asked about. I'm confident of a pass however I fear that, especially with this module being 100% based on the exam, I will not be close to the 70% that I need to get a first, in fact I think 60% (for a 2:1) is going to be optimistic. First week of February is results time so I'll find out soon enough, and if I haven't done as well as I'd have liked I've only got myself to blame!

Currently attempting to not make the same mistake for the atmospheric chemistry exam on Friday. Already I'm seeing topics I know I will avoid if they come up (once again there is a choice of 2 questions in the long answer section which is worth 50%), but I am still going to revise them just in case! Also going into this module with slightly more confidence, because, not only is the material that little bit easier to understand (even if there is lots of it to learn!), 25% of the mark is based upon the coursework, which I've already scored 68% in!. This means I need to do well to get my 70% goal, but does make a catastrophic failure that little bit less likely!

Haven't been out on the bike since Saturday, probably won't be until the next "proper" training ride this Saturday as I need to spend lots of time revising. But there have been some housing developments.

I was just awaiting confirmation from 3 potential new housemates and I was then going to phone the landlord and tell him that we'll keep the house. Something has now happened (I am apparently the only person in the house that has not been enlightened as to what, as usual!), but it means that someone who was leaving now wants to we've either got to tell someone that they can't come, or find a bigger house. Luckily we have found a house which seems to fit the bill. Its the same price as our current house, is finished to a higher standard and is closer to uni! The only issues are single beds (doesn't bother me), and a lack of cable internet. Hopefully we can find out about the internet and come to a decision sooner rather than later- would be a pity to lose the house!

Back to the formation of photochemical smog I'm afraid - will keep you updated with everything, as usual!

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