Monday, January 24, 2011


Exams are over! Well the "proper" ones at least - we have an in-class test next week which counts towards 15% of that module. I need to do well in that because it is the course ran by the academic who I want to work with next summer.

The atmospheric exam went really well, there were only 2 questions (worth 7 out of 100 marks between them) that I was clueless about, purely because I just hadn't revised for them. There was maybe another 10 marks of questions that I knew about but hadn't revised a lot, other than that it went really well so I'll be disappointed if I get much less than 80%!

Now back to lectures (although don't have any tomorrow!), it sounds stupid, but I feel much happier knowing I have lectures. We're currently in a 5 week break from labs, doing a module called "literature and communication skills" in the mean time. There is a lot of work to be done for this module, but one of my group mates is away at the moment so can't start it until at least Wednesday. I expect I'll spend tomorrow doing coursework (also from the academic I want to work with in the summer), revision and relaxing as I had a busy weekend!.

Saturday was a 34 mile ride, a bit of a quicker pace than the previous weekend so I was definitely feeling it! Sunday should have been a nice trip with ramsoc to the peak district, but some dodgy admin meant we had no coach so I dragged myself out of bed for no reason - did mean I could go out for a carvery with the housemates, and talk more about the housing situation for next year. Should all be sorted by the end of the week.

Its now quite late (by my standards anyway) so I shan't ramble on. Off to bed soon. Updates soon.

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