Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11/5/11 - I should be revising...

OK, so after finishing my note writing up at the weekend I promised I'd be getting grips with it all and doing lots of questions and past papers. I'm not going to lie...I've been really unproductive!

I've made 3 revision sheet things for some key points in the inorganic module (exam a week tomorrow) and gone over the 2 sets of workshops for the analytical exam (monday), plus a brief look over exam papers from the last couple of years...

The calculations I can just about do (just need a bit more practise and to make sure I know what all the terms in the given equations are), hadn't realised just how many discussion questions there are though - nearly all on stuff I remember being taught but don't actually know! You'd think this would spur me on to get revising...well it didn't!

I've spent much of the last few days browsing the web, catching up with programs like House or just sleeping! Also done some dog walking- Dobby is a little bit odd and doesn't like going for walks without our other dog, especially if my dad isn't their either but a bit of bribery yesterday and we had a nice walk to the park and back. Today he took a bit less bribing and we ended up being out for an hour! Not going to help me with my F12PAC exam but still productive (thats what I keep telling myself anyway...) did some skills training with him in the field (recalling, staying etc.) and of course we played fetch. Also saw a Chinook (or similar helicopter type thing) fly over which was pretty cool!

So now I'm back home - time to knuckle down, right? must be almost time for lunch, so no point starting now, and if I'm going to eat I ought to watch some TV...start work at about 5 then?

Good thing I started revising early otherwise these exams would be a diaster! "The Fear" is yet to set in, so still confident that I can learn everything in time and do just as well in these exams as I did last year, when everything was so much easier!

If you're a student and you've read this far through, firstly thanks, but secondly - stop reading and get back to work!

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