Friday, May 20, 2011

20/5/11 - Round 3 - Cosford

Race time again!
After the stress of exams I really needed a good race for stress relief and it didn't disappoint.

Didn't make the mistake of bad eating on race day this time round, weetabix for breakfast and pasta for lunch. Turned up feeling a bit tired after revision causing lack of sleep but ready and raring to go.

The practice lap again suggested a tough race was ahead, it was a very technical course, lots of tight and rooty sections, with very little open spaces for over taking.

There was a huge turnout, and a bit of disorganisation meant I got off to a bit of a bad start (had to let the men through sa they were starting first, but somehow ended up at the back), but quickly made up some time before we got into the first piece of singletrack, once again kept up with my "arch nemesis" (who was very complimentary of my efforts last week!) for quite a good chunk of the first 2 laps, unfortunately a bit of a crash slowed me down. I kept going and after 3 laps was feeling pretty tired, but had someone on my tail (as far as I'm aware it was the lady I'd beaten in the sprint in round 1!) so had to keep pushing hard.

Some of the fast guys were coming through to lap me on lap 4 (I'd predicted at the beginning that with the length of the laps 3 laps would be the absolute maximum I'd do so must have been going pretty quick!), unfortunately one of the men wanted the same line as me and he pushed me wide, off the track, clearing the way for the lady behind me to come through.

I fought hard to catch her up, and succeeded, after the final descent I thought I might just do it, but I'd pushed it too hard, and stayed off the brakes too long, meaning I went very wide and nearly lost the back wheel. Still thought I had a chance so sprinted as hard as I could but didn't quite make it past (and then felt like I was about to faint when we crossed the line because I'd tried so hard!).

I will definitely beat her next time!

An now feeling very tired, and my small crash combined with getting a bit too close to bushes and trees means I'm looking somewhat battered but it was worth it. We have a week off next week, before a brand new venue the following week. Can't wait!

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