Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So today it a quick update on what I've been up to, plus some actual science, kind of what I started blogging for really, I just needed some inspiration...

Yesterday saw me and a friend tick off a fairly local tourist attraction from our list of things we ought to do before graduating. We visited the Heights of Abraham, despite it being a bit nippy, and quite wet and windy too it was a really good day.

It was really interesting seeing the caves, there were 2 separate tours, one to learn about the geology and one to learn about the miners (with a bit of incorrect science thrown in for good measure!). There were many great photo opportunities, none of which I was able to really take advantage of as I may have...erm...forgotten to put my memory card in my camera (again!). But apart from that it was a good day, and we didn't even get lost driving there and back!

Was contemplating a bike ride today, with the camera (and memory card!), but there's some ominous looking clouds, if I'd gone out a couple of hours ago it would have been fine, but hey, I've got a week and a half until I go home so there's still time!

So instead, I've spent my morning browsing the net, I still haven't watched the latest keynote from apple because I *really* want a macbook pro, this want it turning into a need as this poor laptop is dying, and living in 2 places means my iMac can't always be with me. Either need to find a generous benefactor (anyone want to buy me a macbook?) or save up my wages earned over the summer and hopefully will be able to afford one before uni starts again!

In my internetting I came across the picture, I imagine its going to become quite widely publicised as its such a good shot taken in a rare opportunity...

If you want to read the full article you can see it here:

Its not the specific story that I want to talk about though, rather our apparent lack of progress in the space race. It was over 40 years ago that we first put a man on the moon, and it wasn't a lot before that when the first man was put into space, and yet it seems we haven't really achieved much more since then.

Sure, the technology on the shuttles has become much better, but surely, in this age of technology we should be able to engineer a shuttle fast enough to put people on Mars, at the very least. In the last generation we've seen computers appear, people thought to get more powerful they'd have to be the size of your house, but can get desktops and laptops that are hugely more powerful than the early PCs but so much smaller and lighter! We have games consoles, smartphones, super cars, eco-houses etc. And still the majority of trains, planes and ships just haven't developed to be faster, more efficient, cheaper, better.

But we're still in the midst of an economic crisis I hear you say. Yes, money is tight for the masses at the moment, but the rich are still getting richer. A bit more investment in science, both in the public and private sectors and we surely will see huge leaps in technology available? Perhaps not the hover cars the people were expecting to see in the 21st century, but amazing things none the less; things that will mostly likely regenerate that initial investment plus a whole lot more.

That, is why I am glad to call myself a scientist. Hopefully as myself and many other graduate, and our careers develop the world will realise the importance of science. Now is the time to come up with the ideas that may appear to be distant dreams, but if you can develop that idea over time, it could become a reality...


  1. someone from STW followed your link and read so what tyres for the shuttle :-)

  2. Thanks for reading it! Anything but racing ralphs I reckon :-)