Monday, June 6, 2011


OK, I was a bit slower in getting round to this than I'd planned but I have been busy!

Exams finished on the 1st June, 3 out of the 4 exams I had went OK (I'd go as far as 2 say 2 went pretty well!), one (yes you guessed, organic!) was less good, a bit of generous marking should get me the points I need to do the modules I want next year though!

We will soon find out - results / feedback meeting is scheduled for 10am on the 17th June!

After a few days recovering from all my hard work (yes, I worked hard!) I've had a busy few days. Saturday night was my first night out of 2011 (and quite possibly my last!), had a great night with friends, and watched my housemate's boyfriend sing and play the guitar which was good. Very tired yesterday morning as we didn't get back until after 1am!!

As I made the decision to stay in Nottingham for the 2 weeks between now and results (rather than going home which I normally would have done) my parents came up to visit me yesterday. Had a nice few hours - we had a nice pub lunch and then had a nice walk along the canal before a bit of shopping. My brother bought a very odd hat...

Spent the rest of the evening vaguely half asleep but 101 dalmatians came on so I did stay awake until 9.30!! (yes, very late!)

Bit of last minute planning this morning meant a ride at Sherwood pines, it was awesome, really dry and dusty, and this time we did the whole of the red route, plus quite a chunk of the blue. Best riding I've done in a while (mainly because I didn't crash!), but being Sherwood it's not big and scary with lots of drops and rocky bits, just smooth, fast rolling, flowy singletrack for miles and miles. If it didn't cost £4 to park I'd be there every day, I don't think there was a single section that I didn't finish thinking I could have gone faster so will definitely be back again before I'm home as it is only 20 miles from here.

Weather permitting off to the Heights of Abraham tomorrow. One of those places I've been hoping to get to for a while so it should be good. Hopefully some good photo opportunities too :)

Now, the biggest piece of news is that I now have a hamster. He is only 3 months old but is absolutely huge for a hamster and is also very fluffy. I've had Ned for less than a week but he's already getting very tame, just keeping a close eye on him at the moment as I'm not sure he's eating or drinking as much as he ought to, but he does seem OK so I'm sure all is well!

I think you're now up to date with everything in my life so I will update again soon! (I promise this time!)

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