Sunday, September 18, 2011


6 days to go until I move back to Nottingham! (although by move I mean vaguely live there but with frequent home visits!). With that comes the start of lectures and labs for what is maybe my final year (everyone says I should do 4 years but I'm still not convinced!), not to mention a dentist appointment on the first day back - grumble grumble. Despite how long I've had off I really can't believe that the holidays are over!

I have to say, it has most definitely not been the summer I had in mind - a bit more fun, and a lot less arm issues would have been good for a start, but hey - these things happen and you have to go with the cards you're dealt right? Despite being injured and therefore not being able to do a lot of the things I've had planned its still been a pretty good summer...

2 weeks in France with the family was good, especially having not had a holiday last year, and I don't suppose I will next year either. And it may sound odd but I've really enjoyed working this summer too (sad I know...), but I suppose working in a bike shop is bound to be good fun at least some of the time!

My last week at home is going to be spent packing amongst other things. I'm determined to crack it this year - remember everything important but without taking lots of stuff that I won't touch all year! I also get a grandparent shopping trip where hopefully I'll get a few supplies to keep me going for a little while.

I've got 2 hospital appointments too (yay?), I spent an awfully long time on the phone earlier in the week trying to sort one of them out as someone rang and told me to cancel (I didn't want to!), but eventually was told that my consultant does want to see me! Hopefully they'll be useful trips - I'm hoping my consultant can tell me why my arm still hurts so much, and then the hand therapists are sorting me out with a night splint to accompany the "bionic" hand which now gets worn in the daytime.

I also need to come up with a solution for my bikes! Looks like I won't be riding properly for a good while to come, and I expect when I do it won't be quite the same as before but in the mean time my parents are keen for me to give it up (apart from transport obviously) and want me to cut down my flock of bikes (although there are only 3!). I'm hoping that when I come back from uni they'll all still be waiting for me, in principle I'd sell one (could do with the cash at the moment anyway!), but having spent the time choosing the bits to go on them I know I'd never get one the same again, and I don't know which one I'd rather do without once I'm back riding again!

That's probably enough brackets and exclamation marks for one blog (or possibly enough for 2 posts!) so I shall stop rambling on now. I expect there'll be at least one more pre-uni post before the end of next week so ciao for now!

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