Monday, September 26, 2011

26/9/11 - The back to "school" blog

Well, I arrived back in Nottingham on Saturday, and so far so good. Lectures and whatnot don't start until next week (as this is fresher's week), so I've got a reasonably chilled week ahead of me, with just a few things to get done. I'm looking forward to lectures starting (sad I know), but that is what i came to uni for after all! I think our first lecture is an organic one - hopefully it'll be good!

Saturday was spent unpacking and rearranging various things in my room until I was satisfied, I think there'll be a lot more moving of things to come! Yesterday I had a nice slow morning, and then spent a few hours with a friend (and we maybe played with some lego...), she now lives a 40 minute walk from my house, but I avoided the rain so the walk was actually quite enjoyable :)

Today was the dreaded dentist...
Actually, and rather surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. We had the usual arm related conversation, and I think he felt a bit sorry for me - I lost count of the amount of times he asked if I was OK while he was doing a little filling (it really was tiny, no anaesthetic needed!). I think the fact the only thing I was paying attention to while I was in "the chair" was the fact that he really needs a hair cut suggests that having been seeing this dentist for 2 years (after a really rubbish dentist for the year before that), I might have actually gotten over my dentist fear - although if I move back to near home after uni it might be a long way to travel for a dentist appointment! Either way its all (hopefully) over for another 6 months!

My arm isn't causing too many problems just yet (except I can't open my bedroom door with a cup of tea now as both the door and the tea are too heavy!), although I haven't properly cooked anything yet, and I will have to at some point! I'm having to use it a bit more which I expect is a good thing in the long run but it does mean its getting a bit sore, and I suspect its related that I want to spend far more time than I should asleep during the day... (I feel I'm ageing prematurely!)

Tomorrow is my busiest day of the week with 3 meetings spread across the day (I shall let you know how they go in due course), so the plan is to take some sort of packed lunch and a book with me onto campus to save trekking between here and there more times than necessary, as much as I enjoy the walk (especially while the sun is shining) it just takes so much longer than riding in!

So any way, I'm doing OK. Think I'll get back to lounging on my bed listening to the radio (see, prematurely ageing!). More updates when I have something to talk about!

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