Wednesday, September 21, 2011

21/9/11 - 68 hours to go!

The start of the uni term is getting closer and closer (although thankfully so is the arrival of the student loan!), in 68 hours time I'll be back in Nottingham!

Still have mixed feelings about my return; I know it sounds strange but I'm actually looking forward to lectures (and tutorials) starting again, although less so to labs! I expect this year is going to be quite difficult (because its 3rd year and because of my arm), but having done well up to this point I'm determined to work hard and get some good grades! With the exception of labs I see no reason why I shouldn't do OK; it might take me longer to write things but hey, I don't really do going out so I usually have a lot of time for working!

I'm also really looking forward to getting out on some walks with ramsoc again, having not been cycling nearly all summer I've missed spending long periods outside, not to mention the fact that most of the members are awesome! The "bionic" hand might slow down the addition/removal of layers though so I hope they're all feeling patient :P Hopefully the walks should make for some exciting blog posts and some nice photos too.

Its the actual being away from home that worries me; I've relied on my family a lot over the past couple of months They've helped me do things that I struggle to do now, and have kept me (reasonably) cheerful, not to mention its nice having people around that I can talk through my options with. I'm sure I'll be fine once I get there, and if not there's always skype!

My 2 hospital visits of the week are over, the first one was to see my consultant - a very quick appointment but there wasn't much new to say, other than I have to decide my our next appointment if I want to go ahead with surgery or not (I have no idea yet!). I got another splint made for me in hand therapy - tested it out last night and I was quite impressed; it did wonders to stop my arm hurting over night (although sadly thats not a long lasting effect), but at least I ought to be getting a bit more sleep! No more trips to the hospital (barring an emergency) for 4 whole weeks; very good news as far as I'm concerned because even seeing the place makes me feel ill now :(

Went shopping with the grandparents today, got some more food to take to uni with me, and helped them with some big/heavy items (they don't drive). Really enjoyed the drive there and back - singing very loudly in the car, and shouting in between songs (may as well when no one can hear you!), did wonders to "cleanse the soul", either that or it means I've gone barking mad...

Despite my very strong dislike of banana I'm in the middle of making a banoffee pie (the things I do for my family!)so I ought to get back to that!

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