Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Bring on the weekend!
This week is getting pretty hectic. Project work is taking up a lot of my time, spent much of today in labs for a recording of a Grignard reaction. It all went swimmingly, much better than when I did it and it was assessed for my lab module! Hopefully can make up a few lost marks with the project though!

That aside it was coursework deadline day on Monday (mine was in early!), that was a weight off my shoulders- just an exam tomorrow, and the results from the "proper" exams on Friday. Bit nervous about both of those, but que sera sera! (if thats how you spell it!). Will post my results up on here!

Its not the work thats bothering me though - its all the 9am starts, I used to be fine with it but I'm finding that just an extra half hour in bed would be greatly appreciated. No rest at the weekend either - meeting at 9am for a fast paced ride to see if I'm up to race pace yet! (race season is rapidly approaching!)

Many things I'd like to talk about, but I shan't go on tonight as I still have much to learn for the exam tomorrow; I'm slowly getting there, and I've definitely done much more than everyone else, but I just don't feel ready yet.

So watch this space for some real content soon, instead of my ramblings!

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