Monday, July 11, 2011


With a palindrome for a date I thought I ought to post a blog.

Thankfully I've got the pain in my arm under control, and am sitting nicely under the maximum dosage of my various drugs! I even managed to go to work yesterday, all be it on light duties!

A couple of days on and the swelling has almost subsided but unfortunately I haven't gained any more motion in my hand and arm, starting to get slightly worried that there has been some damage done but am hopeful that its just me being impatient and that if I keep trying I will have at least got a bit closer to full movement by my appointment on Thursday! Don't really want to think about the alternative...

Predictably I can't ride my bike so the weather today has been lovely! Very tempted to put the turbo trainer in the garden so I can do some D2D training!

Typing is still rather difficult and slow so I shan't write much, just thought I'd let everyone know how I'm getting on. I'd like to say thanks to everyone for their well wishes too :)

I shall dedicate this post to one of my new favourite chemical compounds...

I'd like to think at least a couple of people who read this might know what it is!

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