Friday, July 1, 2011


Where did that last week go? Its now July and exactly 1 week ago I turned 20! Well I have been quite busy.

Friday was my birthday, celebrated by the making of many fairy cakes, I made 48 in total and maybe got a little bit carried away with the decorations:

As the evening came the weather took a turn for the worse, so rather than get cold and wet racing on my legs which were pretty sore after yesterdays mini TT escapades I decided to go to the pub with some friends instead. All people that I haven't seen in months (we're rubbish at keeping in touch since going to uni!) so it was a really nice evening. I broke my usual tea-total policy, got as far as 1 and a half pints of lovely pear cider, left the last half because as someone that doesn't drink pretty sure it won't take much to get me drunk and I could feel myself approaching!

Saturday was a nice slow morning followed by an afternoon at work and then a chinese takeaway with various family people, another lovely evening. Sunday I was at work all day, came home to a nice Sunday roast and a bizarrely large number of wasps in my room and the bathroom. After much wasp spotting and swatting throughout the evening by about 10pm we realised we had a problem. We then spent an hour "de-wasping" our airing cupboard after my brother had his bath rudely interrupted by the huuuuge queen!. It was a bit of a masacre, with about 50 wasps in total being "removed"; our theory is that they are left over the wasp nest we had in our wall last year. My dad blocked up the hole so any that were inside couldn't get out, I assume they found their way in instead! Thankfully I think we got most of them...have only seen 4 or 5 in the house since!

Monday night brought more drama, my parents and brother ad got the train to Birmingham earlier on, they were watching Pink Floyd - The Wall (I wasn't invited!), I'd had yet another nice evening, this time just chilling on my own. I was looking forward to getting some sleep after 3 late nights but heard my phone ring just after 11. I ignored it but it kept on ringing so I pulled my self out of bed and phoned my brother back giving him a very groggy "Whaddya want?!". He was very apologetic bless him, but they'd missed the last train home (with the next one not being until 5.30am), he was too polite to actually ask me to pick them up but what choice did I have? So off I went, thankfully it was a straightforward drive up, midnight traffic meant it took just shy of an hour to get there and I didn't get lost until the car park!

As you could probably expect, Tuesday was a day of yawning, although i got lots of jobs done! Drove my brother to school (he was tired and didn't fancy maths!), fixed my Pap's computer, got a tank of petrol, took my Dad to pick up his car from the train station, had a look at the scrap yard for bits for my car, then washed+waxed my car!

Wednesday arrived and I was missing my bike, nearly a week since I'd last ridden. Decided a nice social ride would be best, so the plan was the 8 mile trip around the local reservoir with a non-cyclist friend (someone else that I hadn't seen in ages). I did it on the singlespeed to maximise any training out of it, unfortunately, at the furthest point from civilisation I got a puncture. I think I've been due one as its been well over a year I think (touch wood I don't get another one racing tonight), so we rode on for as long as possible, watching the air leaving my tyre, I tried to carry on even when I could feel every stone on the rim but guessed that was a bad idea, thankfully only just over a mile left by this point so we walked up to the country park (and the bike shop I work in), so I could buy a new tube and get cycling again!

Yesterday was finally my day of rest, had a slow day. Just a sunny dog walk (which turned into a rainy dog run!), and a trip to the shops to stock up on stationery! I've started going through my organic chemistry textbook, making notes and stuff, with an aim of knowing everything that I should know by the time we go back in September! The plan is to carry on with that today, whilst trying to avoid thinking about all the big life questions which have once again popped into my head. Still umming and aaring about 3 vs 4 year course, potential for a phd and just generally what I want to do with my life!

Tonight is race night, I'm buzzing! Been a few weeks without racing for one reason or another so looking forward to getting back into it. I'm told the course is going to be very similar to last years, that means tough, but fun! I have the usual pedal dilema, but remembering last year I think I'm going for flats again, will take the spds just in case I change my mind after the practise lap though. Will do another blog over the weekend dedicated to how the race goes :)

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