Thursday, July 14, 2011


Another short post today as sitting around doing nothing is pretty dull!

There's still no change with mu arm and hand, although I am getting used to it now so everything is getting a little bit easier!

Was very nervous this morning in anticipation of my hospital appointment, lots of scenarios were buzzing around my head but thankfully it went quite well. My tendons would appear to be all in tact, and there isn't any nerve damage the poor consultant was a bit baffled as to why my fingers aren't working properly but thinks its just muscles causing my problems, slightly worried by his attitude that its not important as I can grip and that's all that matters because I know its not the worst thing that could have happened but it doesn't make things easy! Still quite a lot of bruising, don't think thats helping either (here's my arm now for anyone interested...considerably less gross than on friday night! )

Have to keep trying to move everything, back same time next week to see what progress there is and to get my stitches out (yes that is 13 days of having stitches in, not the promised 7!)

Missing the bike already, I'm not good at sitting inside doing nothing but thankfully the Tour is keeping me occupied, as is my new found love for Grey's Anatomy.

That's all for now, will update again soon!

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