Saturday, July 9, 2011


This entry is going to be short, and possibly a bit incomprehensible as I'm 1 handed at the moment (and sadly it is the wrong hand!)

After an awesome ride Wednesday night I was feeling really good about last night, especially as poor weather earlier in the day meant I was one of only 2 ladies to turn up. Guaranteed podium right?

Sadly not. A practise lap showed this would be a tough race as it was not technical, just long and quite hard going, Knowing I didn't need to be very fast I decided I wasn't going to go very fast, but as the first km of the race was through a very windy field I decided keeping in the bunch would be a good idea.

Sadly, about 500m in a couple of people went down right in front of me, there was nothing I could do to avoid crashing, so down I went. Didn't go down very hard but my arm was impaled on a brake lever.

Cue an ambulance ride, complete with sirens and being rushed into x-ray as they thought my arm was broken too. Thankfully no break but lots of soft tissue damage. Now have 7 stitches and am struggling to use my arm and hand. Have to go in thursday once swelling has gone down to make sure that its just the swelling affecting my movement, fingers crossed there's no serious damage.

Had a rough night once the morphine had worn off, and a mixture of pain, tiredness and frustration means I'm already getting grumpy. Not helped by the fact I'd jut entered dusk 2 dawn so this is going to delay my training!

Its a bit disgusting so I won't post the picture, here is the link to a pic of the hole in my arm if you are interested:

Will update as to my progress when there is any news.

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