Saturday, October 15, 2011


I know I said I wouldn't post again this week but I couldn't resist. I will keep it short though.

I'm very much enjoying home (there's lots of food for one thing!). Being home means I'm always with a few metres of my bikes, and sitting in my room looking out of the window I just couldn't ignore them...

Today may have been a perfect day for a long ride on the road bike, had my riding season not ended rather abruptly in early July today would have been a very good candidate for my first 100 mile road road, but as things didn't work out that way it was definitely not an option! But, although I have been advised that riding isn't a good idea at the moment I took the decision to go for a little pootle. Only did 4 miles, and not very fast so hopefully won't have caused any problems (other than the fact I now have a rather sore arm!). I expect that really will be the last time I ride a bike until I recover from surgery in December (assuming I go ahead with it...), but I can definitely hang the bikes up for winter happy now...

I never thought that riding a SS mountain bike (complete with slick tyres and backwards brakes) for 4 miles on the road would make me smile so much!

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