Tuesday, October 18, 2011


And I'm back in Nottingham again! To set the scene I'm now sitting in my slightly chilly room (which I expect will be very chilly by the morning because we're poor students who can't afford heating...) with a hot water bottle and my super cosy jumper which is like being permanently hugged!

Really enjoyed my weekend at home, not that I did much but its just nice to be back sometimes. Other than my bike ride the only really notable event was the delivery of my new phone - decided to upgrade my almost ancient iPhone 3G with the new shiny 4S...so far I'm loving it, the voice recognition is definitely my favourite feature as it saves pressing things with my non-working hand! Can't believe how much faster it works than my old one, only negative feature so far is the battery life - using facebook, twitter etc. seems to drain it very fast although I expect that'll improve after a charge cycle or 2...

This morning was my trip to hand therapy - they were very pleased with my progress (I hadn't noticed much to be honest, I guess it's just improved gradually so I didn't realise!), 3 out of my 4 fingers scored 0 degrees (that's the best as it means they go straight, although that doesn't take the strength into account) and my middle finger got a 6, so not too bad. Hopefully my thumb'll catch up as that's still got a 30 degree lag, have 3 weeks before my I see my consultant and we decide about surgery so the possibility has now at least been raised that I might get away without another operation...

Also had my grip tested today - right hand 36 and left (which, being my dominant hand, should be higher) is still down at 10 (although no idea what that's measured in), still down on wrist strength too, all this means that my already intensive physio regime has been intensified! It's going to be hard work but if it's going to help I'm definitely willing to put in the effort!

Just have the matter of uni to contend with in the mean time - so far it seems to be going well this term (I expect that'll change when labs start and I have less time and more work!), although I'm getting very conscious of how easy it'll be to fall behind with everything so have to make sure I keep working hard (even if there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I feel I need to do plus sleep!. I've got an ever growing to-do list of work amongst other things, not good seeing it at the beginning of the day but very satisfying ticking things off!

On the plus side, I'm honing in on what sort of thing I want to do "when I grow up", does mean I'm going to have to work even harder, and I could do with getting some sort of work experience (although probably need 2 working hands first!). Hopefully having a goal in mind again will help to keep me motivated - definitely need something too on days where we don't finish lectures 'til 6pm!

Until there are more things to report...goodbye!

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