Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween everyone! I'm not an avid celebrator of Halloween, but it can be a fun holiday.

If you want some Halloween based science you should check this out: Some great videos, adding to those that have previously done by the team in previous years.

I had a really great weekend. Didn't get any photos of the Ramsoc walk at Bakewell, I wasn't being lazy - there is a good reason! It was grade 1 training weekend at the club so some of the leaders were busy with that, so there weren't enough leaders to run all the walks this week - so I ended up doing a walk 4 (slightly further than I would have chosen to walk but it turned out to be really good!). Just before we got to our drop off point I was asked if I wanted to help lead the walk, so I had a quick look at the map to start planning the route before we got there - and off we went.

I really enjoyed it, it only rained a bit at the beginning and the sun came out by the end which is always good! Although the walk was longer that what I've been doing this year there wasn't a huge amount of ascent in it so we managed to keep a good pace going throughout and didn't have any major nav issues. The group was really great too so that made an already good walk even better. We got back to Bakewell with over an hour to spare to plenty of time for fish and chips and a visit to the pub! The result of leading the walk is that I am now a grade 2 leader for Ramsoc. Can't wait to lead to some more walks!

Here's my star to show I'm a leader!

Unfortunately have to miss next week's walk to Edale, has to be one of the best places in the Peak District for walking, but thankfully we visit the surrounding area a few times over the year. I won't be there as a week today I'll be at the hospital, so it makes sense to spend the weekend at home. I've got a combination of nerves and excitement now - knowing that by this time next week (assuming the clinic isn't running ridiculously late!) my "fate" will be decided and I'll know what's going to be happening over the next few weeks and months and can plan accordingly!

That does mean that this is my last Monday officially off, as I've got appointments next week and then, assuming all is good, labs start the following week (its been over 6 months since I've last been in a lab!). I'd like to say that I've had a remarkably productive morning - I've already done the washing, cleaned my walking boots, tidied up and cleaned out the hamster. Sounds good, but I have been slightly hampered by the fact I dropped the lid of the hamster tank/cage thing (which made a very loud bang) and managed to break it, so cue an unscheduled visit to the pet shop to buy a new hamster cage! It's slightly bigger than the old one (and did come with free food and bedding), hopefully Ned'll enjoy it as I've just spent over a weeks food budget on it!

My plan for the rest of the day is to keep ticking things off my to-do-list; I need to head into uni at some point to deliver a letter (I refuse to buy a stamp to post a letter to somewhere that close!), and hopefully I'll be able to curl up later and watch a DVD, probably something by Tim Burton seen as it's Halloween!

Have a good day everyone :)

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