Friday, October 7, 2011


Well I've been back at uni proper for a week now so I thought a blog post was in order...

I have to say, overall its been a pretty good week - and nice to be back in the swing of things! Perhaps one of the more surprising things from the week has been that we've had 2 organic lectures, and I've actually enjoyed them! Just as well really as it counter-balances the 2 lectures we've had on solid state chemistry (which I remember as being almost interesting in first year...) - they can be described as nothing less than soul destroying! Pretty sure the lecturer is new, so hopefully the lectures might improve!

Don't want to go into a detailed account of all my lectures this week (as I'm sure you'll just find that really boring!), but I thought it was noteworthy that we have one of our 1st year lecturers again - our first impressions were "oh no, this is going to be bad!", but it turned out to be quite the opposite. I'm sure the man in question will go down as a legend in the chemistry department, somehow he manages to make copying down pages and pages of stuff from the board interesting! Although perhaps I particularly enjoyed it this week because I knew I had a friends notes to photocopy (seen as I can't write well enough) so I just sat and paid attention to what was being said, rather than panicking about getting everything down - I think his lectures may become the highlight of my week at uni!

On the subject of taking notes, having just about managed this week, uni are going to provide me with a note taker for a couple of modules next week, just to make it a bit easier for me. That said, my current system of just copying down things from the board (or photocopying someone else's notes) and then listening to lecture again and taking notes from the recording (with the aid of the pause button), means that, although a very time consuming job, I am ending up with a very good set of notes at the end! (Although apparently not a good enough set of notes that I can do any of the tutorial work we've been set thus far...).

Being a Friday, and because I have a 3 day weekend I'm at lot more cheery now than I was earlier (having the usual argh work is hard/don't know what I want to do after uni etc. feelings) but that's all pushed to the back of my head now, so - away from uni stuff The weather's looking a bit damp for tomorrow so I don't suppose I'll be going very far, although I really need to go shopping... Sunday on the other hand is ramsoc day! Managed to get one of the last places on the walk - this week we're off to The Roaches, an area I've not been to before so really looking forward to it. Hoping to take a spare map with me on the walk so I can practice my map-reading without the responsibility of actually leading! Weather depending you can expect some photos to appear from that at some point...

But for now, I'm starving (apparently a cereal bar is not a substantial enough lunch!) so off to "make" some bolognese (or at least just heat up the portion my mum sent me up to uni with!).

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