Friday, October 21, 2011


Well folks it's Friday! It's been a funny sort of week (and thanks to a friend of mine that has to be send in a stereotypical yorkshire accent!). Having only got back to Nottingham midway through Tuesday it's gone very quickly, but at the same time I'm more than a little bit tired...

Rather than my normal Thursday off (although that's all change next week anyway) I had to go into uni to have a DSA needs assessment. All went well so just have to wait for approval from Student Finance (might take a while knowing them...!) but provisionally there should be some extra funding coming in my direction for various things to make my life a bit easier; also looks like I'll be getting some money from them to partially fund the laptop I bought over the summer which is very excellent news!

Another arm related appointment today (getting fed up of going to that building now!), saw my disability advisor to make arrangements for exams, again, all went well. He's a great guy - glad to have someone like that on my side! The result of that meeting is that I now have lots of support in place should I need it come January exams (all dependent on surgery etc.!)

On the down side I'm finally succumbing to "fresher's flu", hopefully I won't get it too bad because I have lots and lots of work to do over the weekend (yay!) and should be going out and about with Ramsoc again :) Hoping that getting a good night's sleep combined with drinking copious amounts of tea (and will no doubt be on the lemsip later...) will help ward the worst of it off. Either way tomorrow will have to be spent working through the mountain of notes I now have to write up as well as 1 tutorial question which has me stumped!

Other than that I can't say much else has been going on. Just wanted to finish on a couple of hand photos. Thought I'd test out the new iPhone camera as well as show off!
First off - almost straight fingers! It takes an awful lot of concentration and I haven't worked out the dexterity yet but it's definitely progress!

Secondly, this was more of a challenge and didn't last long but muchos physio means I have enough strength in my hand to hold an empty mug for long enough take a photo (again, doesn't sound like much but I'm happy!)

Just need to get my thumb going now...

Enjoy your weekend!

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