Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Well it's the middle of the week and I've been doing far too much thinking so I thought I ought to write a blog!

First week of "labs" has been OK as we haven't actually stepped in the lab yet, just been doing the plan. I've just about written mine, don't want to submit it yet though as the deadline isn't until Friday afternoon and you never know what good idea someone in the group might come up with between now and then...

Starting in the lab first thing Monday morning, testing the solubility of our compounds (how exciting!) Well I don't suppose I'll e doing much other than "supervising" seen as I'm not anticipating my handling of anything which requires any dexterity will go well! Its not so bad because its not just me - down to 12 working hands out of 14 in the group thanks to a karate related broken hand!

Still ticking over with work for uni, have lost motivation for nearly all of it so its slow going (and things are starting to pile up), things are definitely starting to conspire against doing 4 years...

Having got all excited about my arm being on the mend I'm pretty sure I've overdone it in the last few days. It's giving me more grief now than it did even in the couple of weeks straight after surgery so I've gone back to minimal writing in lectures (to save it for all this work we've got!), and am off to the doctors tomorrow morning...

Yes, I've given up my only non-9am start this week to go to the doctors as I was keen to get in as soon possible. Not sure what they can do for me really, but I know if I don't go I'll be worrying about it all the time. I get the feeling some of it may be down to the physio I've been given being maybe a bit too challenging this early on (something that would I assume be picked up on if the hand therapists were seeing me again like my consultant wants them too!). Hopefully they'll come up with something to make it a bit easier for me...surely things should be getting better now? (or at least not getting worse!). I shall let you know how I get on!

In a far more happy place, I'm really looking forward to Friday, as soon as lectures are over I shall be heading home as its my dad's birthday on Saturday. Big family meal planned for Friday night - there'll be my parents, my brother and me as well as both sets of grandparents - having a carvery which is always a good excuse for eating lots!

Both sets of grandparents will undoubtedly attack me with the usual "do you know what you want to do yet?"s, I shall say no, as although I'm now more set on heading in a certain direction I don't want them to get their hopes up! I have now mentioned it to my parents, they were quite surprised - I was surprised by their surprise as I thought they might have seen it coming, but apparently not! I've heard nothing back from the various other people I've tried to organise work experience with, but I think they are quite busy people (as they are head's of department as well as being in charge of training type things), so I expect they have many e-mails so I'll wait a few more days before I give up hope on those ones!

Hopefully I'll pull myself out of my currently odd frame of mind - I seem to be flicking between almost bouncing of the wall with excitement and somewhere far less excitable and just generally a bit glum. Tomorrow is Thursday, which is nearly Friday so that should help. And Thursday is GSK lecture today, that's normally a good one for getting a bit inspired with chemistry. Organic stuff may not be my strong point (although I wish it was!), but there's something exciting about seeing how all the little things that we've been lectured in week after week for the last 2 and a half years actually all come together and really make a difference!

There we go, ended on a positive!

Actually one more thing - to the RSC - a toast sandwich? really?

Bye for now!

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