Sunday, November 27, 2011


Have had 2 more turbo sessions since my last post. Think the cellar is going to be slowly decorated around the bike - need to find some more things to stick on the wall I think!

My Friday night "ride" was once again quite enjoyable - a reasonable mix of spinning along and doing a few sprint interval type things to keep it interesting. Last night's on the other hand was less good. I just wasn't really feeling it, managed about 40 minutes on the bike but much of that was me sitting and not doing anything - I think it was just down to a combination of general tiredness, my arm being sore from lots of writing all day and legs not being fully recovered from the day before!

I was going to have a few days off anyway, turbo training seems a whole lot less appealing after a 9-5 Monday or a 9-6 Tuesday at uni! So will be back to it mid-week. Seeing yet another doctor about my arm this week too, so who knows - maybe they'll be helpful!

My big news of the week is that I'm now officially a final year chemistry student! I had my meeting with my tutor, he didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know but it was good to talk it over. The general gist of the meeting was that I'm academically capable of doing 4th year and getting a good classification at the end of it (always nice to be told that!), but if I don't want to work in chemistry, or more specifically in research there's not necessarily a lot to be gained from having a masters. If I thought I'd enjoy it I'd probably do it anyway, but I'm pretty sure I won't, and at any rate having a year off might fun! Well I say fun, I intend to work through most of it so I can have money!

On the subject of work I've been very busy this weekend catching up on uni work, still way too much to do but I've decided to not do any more writing this weekend which rather limits what I can do! The main work I've been doing is some coursework from our statistical thermodynamics module. It took me ages to get to grips with it and work out what I was actually supposed to be doing, but now I have I'm really getting into it! I'm not convinced that I've done it all right (I've got a few odd results out the end to say the least), but I intend to effectively do the coursework twice so I can see if I get consistent answers. The thermodynamics and science side of it is quite interesting, but I've oddly been enjoying the data analysis even more - finding the high temperature limits has consisted of just running the software for multiple temperatures and analysing the results - I got a bit too excited and made a spreadsheet to run the calculations for me with the numbers that the software spits out, needless to say I did it for *a lot* of temperatures in some sort of attempt to get an accurate results! I feel I may be suited for some sort of part time job in data entry...

Christmas shopping has also began this weekend, with the aid of the internet I've bought presents for nearly everyone that I wanted too, just a couple of difficult to buy for people left. Opted to not go mad this year (student budget an all that!), so I've mainly gone for small novelty items - should make Christmas day in my house fun though! Hoping I might get a few similar things in return, I think this is the first year that there's nothing I really want - so just some little fun things will be fine with me (chocolate is always welcome too!). That said there are a few bike-related things that I want, my parents have said they won't buy me any bike things though so hopefully I'll have enough money to treat myself :P

I appear to have done a full circle and have managed to bring this back round to bikes - that's good because it's what I want to end on too! Having not left the house yesterday I though I should at least go to the shop today (I emerged with pizza, cake and a lego figure!), it may be a bit chilly outside but apart from that the weather is lovely - can't help but dream of whizzing through the trees, crunching leaves and emerging into the sunshine again. It's been so long since I've ridden off road I'm even looking forward to getting muddy on a bike again! (anyone that's ever ridden with me will know that mud is definitely something that I tolerate but generally avoid at all costs!).

My plans for the afternoon are rapidly turning into a bit of a snooze followed by watch the last F1 race of the season. Living the dream eh? ;-)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Get out and ride if you can...

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