Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well, lots of good things have happened in the last few days!

Monday you all know about (arm is fixing enough that I'll hopefully be avoiding any more surgery!); yesterday went basically as predicted - after measuring my grip strength (slightly improved but still only half what it should be!), and doing varying amounts of prodding and poking the hand therapist has given me a new exercise plan. She's said she only wants to see me once more (and not until the Christmas holidays), just to make sure I'm doing OK (typical NHS - pretty much everything is working, even if it's not working well so we're not going to help anymore!).

This means I'm now officially not bionic (although I have kept the bionic arm just in case I need it again!). After a day and a half I have to say I'm missing it - everything is that bit more difficult without it; someone asked me earlier what it feels like - its very hard to explain - the closest I could come to describing it was somewhere between it not feeling like my hand, and the feeling you get when your arm goes to sleep! Combining that with the various exercises I'm now having to do in an attempt to get it working as well as possible means I'm a bit sore and grumpy! I'd never have thought holding a 0.5kg weight would have been so difficult!

Counteracting my grumpiness - I've had more good news - heard back this morning - I've got onto the work placement thingy that I applied for, it's only for a week but it should be good. Really looking forward to it, and it starts the day after my 21st!

Still plodding along through uni, as the term has been going on the ratio of interesting to dull lectures has been sliding in the wrong direction. Still enough good ones to keep me going though (going to have to be lots of exciting lectures next week seen as labs are starting and that has the potential to be more than a little bit soul destroying...).

Its more than a little bit cold in the house (I think it'll have to snow before we can turn the heating on), so I expect the rest of my evening will be filled by hot chocolate and cake before I hide under the duvet for the night! Makes me wish I could hibernate...

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