Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, its been a while since I've posted 2 days in a row but today has been one of those days where I feel I have to do an update!

Started off with a trip to the GP, not my GP that I saw mind you (although he was there so no idea why they gave me to someone else!), after much explaining of the situation (it was easier for me to tell her than for her to read the numerous pages that have been added to my medical records over the summer!). She came to the conclusion that I'm too complicated for her to have any idea whats going on, but it would appear that I'm more broken than they thought. I really am fed up of being broken now!

As she didn't really know what to do she's given me some new painkillers and referred me to someone up here who might know what to do, and to give me physio; I think she's a locum so she had no idea how long the wait will be, but hopefully it won't be too long. So although I've effectively taken a step back with my recovery, there is some sort fo progress!

I got very excited by new painkillers too - I put my chemist hat on for a while because they've given me (and by given I mean made me pay for!) ones I hadn't heard of before. Only need to take 1 tablet twice a day and far less worries about adverse effects (like co-codamol and the liver!), shall test them out tonight - hopefully they'll do the job!

I finally got around to speaking to my tutor today too, he's agreed to meet up next week so we can have a proper chat about what I want to do. This was important for me because it means I've taken a big step towards actually making a decision. I shall let you know how it goes next week!

My to-do list is still epically long, but I've been ticking things off this afternoon, hopefully I'll have time to tick a few more off while I'm home for the weekend. Have done all the urgent things though so all is good!

I ended my rather productive day by cooking some real food. Chopping/stirring etc is still proving a challenge to me (as is opening jars!), but I persevered and that may well have been the nicest food I've cooked in quite some time. Followed it up by finishing off a tub of Ben and Jerry's fossil fuel. Perfection!

I expect the next few days to be far less busy (but hopefully no less happy!).

Stay safe everyone!

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