Monday, November 28, 2011


Well Monday morning is here - its freezing!

My plans for the week have been thrown in the air with the news that my brother broke his ankle playing football yesterday. Some @&#%* who he calls a friend tackled him during a football match. What's wrong with that? he tackled him hard enough, and with studs showing, that it ripped his sock and made him bleed. My brother being who he is tried to carry on playing afterwards as well!

I knew it wasn't going to be good when my mum told me my dad was taking him to the hospital (it has to be bad for my dad to do that!) and after much waiting it was confirmed last night that he'd broken his ankle. Thankfully sounds like just a crack but it looks like 6 weeks in plaster anyway! Not what he needs when he has potential of getting picked up by our local professional team this season...

Anyway - once I've done what I need to do in labs I'm going home. Not sure how long for exactly, but my parents won't be able to get time off work (think that was all used up getting me to the hospital and back lots of times over the summer!) so I think he might need a hand!

Not that I'll be much use in the hand department (we're not doing well in our family are we?). Pain in my arm seems to be getting worse not better, it's not good when you can't sleep despite being maxed out on your painkillers, but we'll see what the doctors say this week (assuming I'm organised enough to ring up to sort out the appointment anyway!)

Off to labs I go...

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