Monday, November 7, 2011


Today finally came!

I was ridiculously nervous this morning, couldn't eat any breakfast and didn't know what to do with myself - ended up being more than half an hour early at the hospital! That was a mistake as they were running a bit late anyway, so I was sitting in the waiting room for nearly an hour (thankfully the Singletrack magazine on my phone kept me amused!)

I was expecting one of his long appointments, with lots of discussion but I was in and out in under 15 minutes. He determined that my nerve function has improved, and all my tendons are now working, all be it most of them not very well; this means I've avoided the need for more surgery (to be reviewed again in April) as there wouldn't be a huge amount of benefit from it, and its therefore not worth the risks of surgery. Fine by me. I think he was almost as happy as I was seen as much of my trouble started when he operated for the first time!

Crazy to think about - tomorrow marks 4 months to the day since I crashed and hurt my arm. They told me in A&E to expect to be back to normal within a fortnight! But hey, these things happens and I now have an impressive battle scar to show for it...

Off to hand therapy tomorrow (because they can't possibly give me 2 appointments on the same day!), saw a different hand therapist today so I know what they're going to say tomorrow - I'll have to carry on with my program of physio, with a few alterations to be worked out when I'm there, and work out when I should stop being bionic. I'll miss that...its been a part of me for a while now!

So that's me - I'm now in a very good mood and am bouncing off the walls! Should probably get on with some work (not that I've got *that* much to be getting on with), but instead I'm thinking about my bike! Consultant reckons I should be waiting at least 3 months to start riding properly again, probably closer to 6. Hopefully if I put a lot of effort in to the physio and what not I might make it back before that! After all got to get training for next summer!

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