Friday, June 22, 2012


I've been very quiet for a while but I thought today would be a good time to write a little bit more.

It was results day yesterday, I was very nervous, having not done as well as I'd have hoped earlier in the year I wasn't sure how I'd have done this time round.  As I said yesterday I got a 1st overall.  Was very relieved to hear that!  Having been told my individual module marks earlier on today I was really surprised to find that I'd done well enough this time round to actually make this year my highest averaging!

This success is definitely owed to a select few people who have provided me with a lot of support, help and encouragement over the last 6 months and I really hope they know who they are!

It's odd though, having seen the actual marks today I think it has sunk in that I actually did it and got a 1st.  Everyone has been congratulating me and telling me what a great achievement it is (again thanks!), but it doesn't feel like a huge success to me.  Probably because I went in knowing if I got any less I'd be disappointed so it didn't exceed anyone's expectations, I "merely" met them.  Sure, I worked hard - but didn't a lot of other people, who maybe didn't do as well?

Gives a good cause for a celebration though.  My birthday (I'm getting old!) is at the weekend, but as a minimum of 7 days straight working starts for me tomorrow we were celebrating tonight.  Went out for a meal with family (parents, brother and all 4 grandparents).  My dad made a speech seen as it was a bit of a double celebration for me.  Don't think anyone's ever made a speech about me before.

He said how proud he, and everyone else, is of me, and how well they all think I've done etc.  Didn't really feel like they were talking about me though!  Perhaps I need to learn to take a complement?

Still.  Happy Becky.  The last few days things have been just right for me.  Making the most of it because I don't suppose the good fortune will last long!

Here's some of the people who were with me tonight, I'm pretty sure you can work out which one's me if you didn't already know!

This is probably a good time to point you back in the direction of my post about my 3 years at Nottingham now you know the conclusion of it!

I suspect I will be back posting again something shortly as I have work experience next week, although very strict rules have been placed as to what I'm allowed to write and publish I'm afraid! 

Thanks again everyone! :-)

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