Friday, June 29, 2012


I don't have the time or the inclination to write much tonight so I'll keep it short.

Radiology was quite interesting, the pace was steady but I saw enough and learnt a few things which is always good.

A&E turned out to be rather disappointing due to some poor organisation.  Saw only a few patients, and they were mainly the uninteresting ones and the majority of patients I did see was only because a nurse and a HCA took pity on me and let me follow them once the doctors had abandoned me!  I suspect I learnt some useful skills though so all was not lost!

All was also not lost with our tree, it is now safe, but not very tree like anymore! (We were hoping they'd get rid of the trunk too...)

I realise my posts about work experience have been a bit bitty (although more writing than you've had for a while!), at some point, when I've had a day off or 2 and a my brain has recovered I'll try and sum it up and tell you what I'm thinking!

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