Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Day 2!

My morning in fracture clinic was actually rather dull at times if I'm honest.  Although I'd been really looking forward to it the consultant who I was assigned to had an emergency in theatre so I was left with a very busy registrar!  He did his best, but there was a lot of time standing around not doing anything!  When the consultant finally arrived, with only 3 out of 50 patients left to be seen (I know it wasn't his fault!), it was actually quite good - he seemed very keen to teach!

No time for lunch as the clinic had overran, so straight into theatre for the afternoon.  This was back in the theatres where I'd done my previous experience but it was really different this time.  The anaesthetist who I was shadowing was great, he explained lots to me - even taking me out of theatre to demonstrate on a skeleton!  I was the "poached" by the consultant from this morning who took me into his theatre.  Although it was quite a routine procedure (something which even I have seen quite a few times now!) he took the time to explain everything, which made all the difference to me.  He even sat down with me afterwards and talked it all through, when really he probably should have been grabbing a between-patient coffee!

He then took me to another theatre and left me to watch a knee replacement.  The consultant here gave me a running commentary which was nice!  Meant I stayed until almost 6 though (not late in terms of real doctoring I know, but I'm not a real doctor!), and that I didn't ever make it back to the anaesthetist who I was supposed to be with (I'd only intended to be out of that theatre for half an hour or so!)

Realised at the end that all I'd consumed (since about 8 yesterday evening!) was a tic-tac, some painkillers and a couple of mouthfuls of water!  Hmmm not good!

Anyway, it was a long day.  But a good one.  Really looking forward to tomorrow (even if it's an earlier start and probably a later finish that today!).

Very happy to be sitting down!

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