Monday, June 25, 2012


As I mentioned yesterday I can't go into much detail about my work experience 'cos of confidentiality and what not.

What I can say is that I spent the morning on the labour ward, I saw 2 c-sections.

Hard to find words to adequately describe seeing a baby that is just a few seconds old.  Despite this if I should ever become a surgeon (and I'm not convinced that surgery is a path I particularly want to take...although I shall keep an open mind), that is not surgery I want to be performing!

Today's photo is of new perhaps appropriate!

 This afternoon was with a speciality I had requested to see - ENT (and I'm back with them on Wednesday morning).  The consultant who's clinic it was I was sitting in on was amazing.  For a start he described be as "his colleague" when introducing me to patients which was perhaps a generous description (and led to 1 patient asking my opinion one what I'd seen!).  He made a real effort to teach me, and made sure I could see what he could,  not sure how much of it will stick but I really enjoyed it!

Hopefully the rest of the week will build on a good first day! 

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