Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's been a long day!

Was in theatre all morning, just the one case - a long operation on an ear.  Not all that much for me to see once the novelty of the whole thing had worn off!  Anaesthetist kept me busy though - he definitely over estimated my clinical knowledge, but I think I learnt a lot!  A few things to think about for med school interviews too...

The afternoon session was something which has really got me thinking though.  Was shadowing the on call consultant (a cardiologist) on EAU, this was my first real taste of medicine rather than surgery.  Can't believe quite how different it is! The people become far more like people, rather than just things that are there to be fixed, there's a vulnerability about patients on the operating table, but a very different vulnerability when they're lying on a bed having to open up to you!  Saw quite a few interesting cases, and in one case had to take down the notes because there was no SHO around to do it for the consultant!  The consultant was really nice, although a little bit odd.  He quizzed me a lot, about things which I have no idea about - the history of medicine, the prevalence and pathologies of certain diseases etc. although he seemed almost impressed that I could pick out the liver and kidneys on a CT scan with my no medical training!  He also gave me a few things to think about for med school interviews, and recommended a book.

Definitely got me thinking though...

And I'm a tad dead.  Walking around all afternoon requires even more effort than simply standing.  Still that's 5 days out of my 9 of work out of the way now! 

*Really* lazy photo today.  Part of my "smart" work attire...

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