Thursday, June 28, 2012


It was raining when I went into the hospital and was 26 degrees and like this when I came out!

Morning was pretty dull, ward round on the medical admissions unit.  Saw 5 or 6 patients in 2 hours.  Then consultant disappeared.  I chatted to a 4th year med student for a while and then went for an early lunch.  On a similar note to yesterday it got me thinking again, about a number of things.  Medicine as a career for one.  And about all the poor old folks (and poor other folks!) in hospital!

Today's lunch was therefore entirely too long - 2 hours!  Tried to get into theatre earlier but it wasn't possible.  However I really enjoyed the afternoon.  I was with one of the anaesthetic registrars (in theatre with my previous consultant...).  He was really good.  Taught me lots, and once again tried to get me thinking about physiology and stuff, it's been good these last few days trying to think in the right way!  Think I learnt lots anyway.  And, at 2 separate times in the afternoon I was actually responsible for keeping people alive.  The anaesthetist left me squeezing the ventilation bag while he was in the other room sorting out more drugs.  A simple task (otherwise I wouldn't have been trusted with it!), but still, made me feel good, and was nice to actually do something! 

Final day tomorrow.  Radiology followed by A&E.  Quite looking forward to it! 

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