Friday, December 2, 2011


December is here which means the Christmas holidays are rapidly approaching - yay!

It's been a strange week, what with the going home in the middle! My brother's doing OK, he seems to have a high pain threshold! He's just fed up of crutches already!

I sorted out my doctors appointment, just as well I did. Turns out the doctor I saw last time hadn't actually done anything to refer me to physio (apart from writing on my file that she had!), thanks to a far nicer and more competent seeming doctor I'm now all booked in for physio but have to wait until mid-January to start. And its on the morning of my first exam - oops! I'm hoping things make some attempt at getting better ont heir own before'll be a long month and a half if it doesn't! Although I'm seeing the hand therapist again in a couple of weeks, this is a "non-compulsory" appointment just to make sure I'm OK. Should probably tell her that I'm not! Also have been told there's a sports injury specialist who I might be able to see should new physio people think it appropriate. Just a pity I have to wait to get it sorted - without a shadow of a doubt if I had the money I'd pay to avoid the wait! (if anyone wants to take pity on me... ;-) )

Anyway, that put me in a less than good mood yesterday, which wasn't helped by a really quite dull 2 hour pharmacology lecture (in the warmest room in the chemistry building!), followed by an afternoon of maths (one problem took an entire hour to do, and there was more than 1 thing to do!). Thankfully a good nights sleep, some painkillers and the completion of some coursework meant I was in a much better mood this morning (even if getting out of bed into the cold proved to be a challenge!).

Even a 9am lecture in quantum statistics didn't manage to ruin my mood this morning, in fact I almost enjoyed it! Apparently today was just destined to be a good day - I have no idea how it happened but I managed to drop my cup of coffee (vital in the hour gap between lectures!) because my hand decided it didn't want to hold on any more, but somehow caught it in my other hand without spilling a drop! Ninja! The remaining 2 lectures were pretty good too!

Had a quick chat with our lab project supervisor person before heading home (he is one of the nicest people I know!), slightly happier about labs on Monday now - I can have a go at picking at crystal and doing whatever needs to be done with it but it doesn't matter if I can't do it because of my hand :)

It is now officially the weekend! It may be cold and damp in my room but I'm just glad that the week is over. My plans from now until Sunday night involve sleeping, eating, DVD watching and generally chilling out. Expect I'll have to do some work at some point but I intend to keep the chemistry to a minimum - as much as I love it (well most of it), I think a couple of days of minimal working will do my good!

I shall stop writing now because my hands are freezing!

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