Sunday, December 11, 2011


Well, it's been a week since the last time I posted - sorry, I've been quite busy!

I woke up this morning feeling like I have contracted some sort of horrible disease, my nose is blocked and dripping some kind of ectoplasm like material, my head is aching, every time I swallow it feels like someones slicing a layer off the inside of my throat, not to mention the fact I can't make my mind up whether I'm going to be roasting hot, or shivering because I'm freezing! OK, maybe I *just* have a cold. Could have done with it just waiting another week...

The end of term is rapidly approaching (about time!) which sadly means so are deadlines! One piece of coursework is done and dusted, that's the statistical thermodynamics one which I may or may not have mentioned before. Tomorrow is lab presentation day, each member of our group has to talk for 5 minutes about our project, and we all have to talk about a slightly different subject. Normally I'd be really prepared by now, but given we didn't even decide how we splitting up the talk until Monday I'm not! I've written my talk (I can't do improvisation) and made the associated slides, it's a bit short and I don't know it nearly as well as I'd like but hopefully it's interesting (I'm doing the introductory background), I'm the first person talking so need to make a good impression! Despite getting quite worked up about it I ended up quite enjoying the presentation I had to do last year, and having had a bit more scope on the subject (and therefore making this one actually quite interesting) I'm optimistic that it'll go OK. Quite possibly 2 of the nicest people in the inorganic department marking us too!

We're meeting up as a group later to have our first run through together and see what everyone has done. Hopefully all will be good!

Once that's out of the way it's back to lab report writing. We have to write 6 pages - yes SIX pages, not wanting to be panicking by the end of the week I've made a good start to mine, 3 and a half pages down. You'd think that'd be a good thing, however I have no idea how on earth I'm going to fill up the rest of the space! But that is not a problem to worry about until tomorrow afternoon!

Apart from being hard at work this week I've also had a trip to the peak district. It rained. Lots. And it was windy. Really windy. Oh, and we walked back in the dark. It was great fun though! Highlight of the day may have been me saying "mud can only be so deep" and then promptly disappearing well past the top of my boot into some mud! There should be some photos appearing at some point, I only took one picture because my camera's not weather safe! Did grab one snap on my phone when it stopped raining though...

I did also get back on the turbo trainer last night. Helped by the "Absolute Radio Classic Rock Party" I managed about 40 minutes of just constant pedalling, not all the fast but I thought a bit of consistency woud be good, followed by the traditional how hard can I sprint and for how long finale! My legs were feeling remarkably good which is always nice. Just a shame that riding a bike for real still seems so far away. I tested again yesterday, still can't put enough weight through my arm for it to be useful. I knew that though, given what happens when I write too much, or attempt to actually cook something. Still, I'm back at hand therapy a week on Tuesday so hopefully they can sort me out (even if that was supposed to be a quick check then send me on my way forever kind of appointment...). My newly developed cold is certainly giving me a maths challenge - combining cold remedies with pain killers, but without having too much of anything is always interesting! I'm apparently not doing a very good job because my arm is not happy (I expect it's all the work I've been doing for a change!), and my cold doesn't appear to have been helped either. Not that it matters. Despite everything (I say everything knowing that my problems are a lot smaller than that of many, many others!), I'm remarkably happy today. Probably because Christmas is coming, and because I feel I'm on the home straight as a chemistry student! (remind me of that at the start of next term!)

Music is helping too, these 2 songs in particular have been making me smile recently :)

I need to eat before we go and practise our presentation so I shall update you all soon! If you need me just follow the trail of slime that's pouring out of my nose...

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