Tuesday, December 27, 2011

27/12/11 - II

Am I allowed to post twice in a day? It's the holidays, so why not?

Look where I've been!

It's fair to say I was maybe a bit optimistic - I'd forgotten just how much you use your arms when mountain biking!

It didn't last all that long because I quickly realised it was just a bit too soon! But despite the sore arm, and the fact that logging over the summer means many of my favourite trails are no longer there I was still riding around with some sort of manic grin!

It did remind me just how much I love that bike though (poor thing had been a bit neglected since we crashed!), weather permitting it'll get a proper clean tomorrow, as will my road bike, and the car come to think of it... I might but some carbon bars, and a nice stem ahead of a Garmin on my bike bits wish list!

Anyway, you've definitely heard enough from me for today! I need a bath, and to do some work. No more playing Zelda for me today 'cos my NEW controller appears to have broken already so I'll have to take it back tomorrow and see if I can get a new one!

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