Monday, December 19, 2011


Sunday roast yesterday was rather tasty, as was the home made lemon meringue and jam tarts that followed! My nan has won awards for her jam tarts though so wouldn't expect any less! Had more cake with the other grandparents too, not home made but still delicious! Perhaps it's no surprise I've been putting on weight...

Today was "interview" number 1. It was more of a paper work filling out session rather than an actual interview. Have the "real" interview with the people I'll actually be working for on Wednesday. Should be OK though, I'm only volunteering as a clinical auditor (that sounds a bit professional, doesn't it?) and it doesn't sound like they get may people asking to do it.

Getting into the meeting today was more of a challenge than the meeting itself. I successfully navigated the hospital grounds and got to the right building, and even the right floor but was then faced with a desk with 2 phones, and a wall of photos. There was a sign telling me to contact who I was there to see using the phone. The guy who I'd be in contact with didn't have his name and number on the wall so I chose, at random, one of the HR administrators; I was quarter of an hour early so I had time to find who I needed to. I rang the number for Stacy something-or-other, expecting to have to explain my situation and then be put through to the correct person. A man answered the phone (not Stacy then!), and he said I was through to HR, I explained what I was there for and he told me to take a seat.

After about 5 minutes he came and rescued me from the "reception" turned out he was the guy I'd been e-mailing - that was a very lucky coincidence! It says something about the NHS when choosing a random extension to phone somehow gets you through to the right person! Then had to fill in lots of paperwork to say I'm not going to abuse their internet system, and that I'll respect confidentiality, and that I don't have any business interests to declare etc etc. Says something else about the NHS when you have to go through rigmarole just to VOLUNTEER to do PAPERWORK in the hospital. No, I'm not doing a job to be paid, and no I'm not planning on interacting with any patients so is it really all necessary?

"Oh just one more form while you're here..."

That side of it is all sorted now. Just got the meeting with the audit department on Wednesday, and it looks like I'll have to see the occupational health people. Apparently they don't like you working in a hospital if you're a bit broken. Speaking of being broken - hand therapy tomorrow - it can go one of 2 ways really; 1, they go ahead as planned and tell me I'm fine and then I start with new physio people at uni after the holidays or 2, they realise that I am in fact not fixed yet and maybe try to do something about it. I shall let you know in due course how I get on!

In other news I've been helping my brother get ready for his GCSE science exam. It was a very nice feeling knowing that having taught him how to balance chemical equations he was the only one in his class that managed to get that question right on their mock exam! Hopefully he now knows how to work out the numbers of protons/electrons/neutrons in an atom or ion (was tricky explaining that one at GCSE level...ah yes, all atoms have shells which hold 8 electrons...). Managed to divert the "so what actually is an electron?" question! Maybe he should have watched the Brian Cox program last night!

Several people have asked me why I don't want to go in to teaching as a career. It's simple. I like helping my brother (and the kids I helped when I was doing A-levels) when he asks me things, but I don't want to be teaching a bunch of children that don't want to be there and don't want to learn. Nor do I want to be teaching the same thing lots of times! Maybe I should try tutoring to earn some extra cash!

Right, back to revision I suppose...oxygen transport proteins here I come!

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