Saturday, December 31, 2011

31/12/11 - Happy New Year!

Well here we are, the end of 2011. What a year it's been.

I started this blog in the dying days of 2010, and it's interesting looking back to see how my goals progressed, and my year progressed. Also interesting to note that I ended 2010 revising quantum mechanics and it looks like I'll be doing the same this year! It's fair to say this year didn't go entirely to plan.

As far as cycling goes I was doing well, I succeeded with my goal of improving race results from the previous year and I was feeling good on a bike. Unfortunately just when I was feeling at my fastest - crash! That meant I missed out on finishing the Friday Night Summer Series, as well as Dusk 'til Dawn which I was actually quite looking forward to (although judging by stories I've heard it's probably for the best that I wasn't there!). Also missed out on the chance to ride in France, I'd been planning routes for months based around where we were going on our family holiday but alas - surgery the week before we left meant that wasn't going to happen!

It also saw the end of the first year at uni that actually counts (40% of the degree done right there!), and I averaged over 70% which is the aim so I was very happy with that. This year has also been the year where I decided what to do with my life (that sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it?) - despite doing well with chemistry so far, and enjoying my work experience I decided that chemistry just isn't what I want to do. I'm really excited at the prospect of spending much of 2012 gaining work experience and then applying (and hopefully getting in...) to GEM.

2012 has been a year full of good music and books too. I've discovered some new (to me) artists and bands to listen too, mainly thanks to Absolute Radio. I've also developed a taste for classical music, I never had anything against it but I enjoy it a lot more now! I've discovered some new authors and will no doubt have lots of books to read throughout the year - I hope that 2012 is also the year that I finally finish reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

So, looking onto 2012 (tomorrow!), I'm perhaps a tad wary as to making goals - I'm now all too aware of how quickly things can change; but I think it's important to make goals and have something to aim for (although just as important, if not more so, to be able to improvise when things, as they invariably will, don't go according to those plans!). I've already hinted in previous blogs as to some of these goals/resolutions but I shall get them all down now, to make it official!

Cycling, as you know, is important to me. Whatever happens it'll play a bit part in my year, but I think I shall just take it how it comes. I've now proved to myself that I *can* still ride, but I'm going to take it slowly. Continue with the turbo training and arm physio (2 weeks until I see the new physio people) and just do what I can, hopefully I'll get some racing done but your guess is as good as mine as to how well I'll be able to do!

Uni comes to an end in 6 months time so that's rather important too. My revision is going well, I've not done as much as I'd hoped to have done, but still more than I expected I would have if that makes sense! A big chunk of this years marks comes from these exams so it'll be quite useful to get lots of marks in the bag before the final exams in the summer. Given that I'm basically having a gap year afterwards it's the least I can do to work hard now (have a nice long break to look forward too), and knowing that a 1st will stand me in good stead for GEM should hopefully spur me on!

Now for my slightly less big things, that are more like proper new year's resolutions!

I don't smoke, or drink excessively and nor am I overweight (despite all the recent "fat in the face" comments) so I can't use those as resolutions. But there are somethings that I can do...

I'd like to stop picking/biting my nails for one thing. It's a terrible habit, gets worse when I'm nervous or waiting round for something. It does save the hassle of having to cut them every so often, but still, not going to do it anymore!

In an attempt to stay reasonably fit and healthy I'm also going to make more of an effort with my diet. I basically live of pasta and rice when I'm at uni which isn't a huge problem; what is a problem is the amount of biscuits/cake/chocolate I get through - I don't eat enough of it that I'm putting weight on but I'm sure it's not doing me any good so I'm just going to cut down a bit, you'd hope it'd do some good. Going to cut down on fizzy drinks too. Again, I don't have a whole lot but cutting out the excess sugar in my diet must be good...

Money...with the possibility of however many more years of studying in order to become a doctor, with some of that not funded, I need to save up. Hopefully when I finish uni I can sort myself out with a job so that I can double the amount I currently have in savings. That's going to be made slightly more difficult by the fact I want to do a lot this year - you only live once and you can't take your money with you, although as one of the things I want to do is jump out of a plane (with a parachute and someone experience attached!) perhaps I shouldn't mention premature death!

Knowing that most of the readers of this blog are reading it from Twitter I'd just like to thank everyone from the twittersphere that has helped me out this year. You've been a great source of help and advice, you've offered support and made me smile when I've needed it most. It really is appreciated. There's a select few that I'd really like to thank, but I shan't name you - I hope you know who you are! ;-)

So, 2012. The year to really live the dream. And hopefully not the year that the world comes to an end!

Hope the next 366 days brings everyone times of happiness and success amongst the usual doom and gloom of life :-)

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